Sunday, December 15, 2013

Book Bargains! (And some Kobo codes!)

In a week, my kids will be on Christmas break and I am looking forward to getting some proper reading done. I looked through Amazon and found some really great bargains for your consideration. ^_^

First, here are some Kobo codes for your buying pleasure:
BOOKRIOT50 = 50% off (multiple use)
50DEC = 50% off (multiple use)
70COMIC = 70% off (single use - select titles only?)
75OFF = 75% off (single use)
85OFF = 85% off (single use)

I've read Bound By Honor by Colette Gale, which is an erotic retelling of the Robin Hood story. Gale has also done a retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo story (Master
) and of The Phantom of the Opera (Unmasqued). For her Tarzan retelling, Gale has opted to serialise the story and this is the first part. It's worth checking out. ^_^

This is book 1 of Katherine Kingsley's The Pascal Trilogy. I'm glad her works are finally getting converted to e-books. I had a fellow romance reader who really scoured the local used bookstores to find copies of her books.

This is a short story by Elizabeth Boyle. I love that the heroine's name is Ella Cynders and that the hero is Viscount Ash ... hence the catchy title. It's a fairly new release (November 24, 2013).

This is another recently-released novella, which is currently FREE. It introduces Vanessa Kelly's new series, The Renegade Royals.

This is Emma Jane Holloway's debut novel and it is a steampunk historical romance. What intrigues me about Holloway's series is the connection to Sherlock Holmes: her heroine is the niece of the great detective. I've actually gotten a copy of this already.

This is Isabella Bradford's debut novel and introduces her Wylder sisters series. Before this book, Isabella Bradford wrote historical fiction as Susan Holloway Scott and you can see a bit of that filtering into her writing of details and scenes. Read my review of this book here.

This novel is the first book in Sabrina Jeffries's new series, The Duke's Men. It starts out a bit confusing but Jeffries picks up momentum and finds direction towards the middle part of the book. Altogether, a good read and highly recommended at the discounted price. Here's my review of What the Duke Desires.

This is part of Lindsey's Reid Family series and is connected to The Devil Who Tamed Her, which is the book that revitalised my love for Johanna Lindsey. 104 reviews, average rating is 3.9 -- this is a book to consider.

This is another debut novel that has been discounted.  What do you guys think of the title? I think it's fun, quirky, modern -- but also tells you that the duke is a vampire! ^_^

Bundling books is becoming a new trend for authors and I like the idea that related books in a series can be bought at the same time. This is a very good deal at $2.99 for three full-length novels by Darcy Burke.



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