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So you've found my blog! Welcome!

A little bit more about me:
I read historical romance novels almost exclusively all year round. I especially love reading debut novels of new authors. ^_^

I started this blog because I want to keep track of all the romance novels I've read (and because I ran out of space in my moleskine journal.)

I studied literature in university and took some MA subjects also in literature. (I have a soft spot for Shakespeare. Also for Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson.)

I read romance novels as a teenager and had to slowly give it up when the classics and texts discussing literary and critical theory got in the way.

I got back to reading romances after I had my first child and I needed something light to read -- I did attempt to read Salman Rushdie's Fury: A Novel in between breastfeeding and changing diapers ... and it wasn't much fun and I kept forgetting previous chapters!

The first books I re-read were my old copies of Julie Garwood and Judith McNaught.

It's been 6 years and 2 children -- and stacks upon stacks of romance novels. And I've enjoyed every word, every page and every minute of it.

Would you like me to write a review for you?
Be forewarned that I am a slow reader and cannot guarantee a definite date for a written review. (Although, on average, I can finish a book in 3 to 4 days.)

I also only read historical romances and historical erotic romances. (Well, I actually read 3 paranormal series: by Amanda Quick, by Isabel Cooper and by Sophie Renwick.)

I am an international reader/reviewer so the best format would be e-books. (Kindle, iBooks, through Netgalley or Edelweiss)

A note on my reviews:
I don't do ratings on my blog but I post star ratings as required by Goodreads and Amazon and I follow the Goodreads and Amazon rating system.

I also write honestly and will say if I didn't like the book. (I post negative reviews and have posted 1- and 2-star reviews.) And I also write about books that I did not/could not finish reading aka DNFs.

After all the caveats, if you are still interested, you can email me (click the link for my email address) with your details.

- updated June 29, 2014


  1. Hi Tin! I just gave your blog an award! I love your blog and I thought you deserved it :) You can see it at Happy Reading :)

  2. Tin, have you read Pamela Clare's MacKinnon Ranger series? It's one of my favorite historical romance series.

  3. Hi, Jennifer!

    I haven't read Pamela Clare. I think I have one of her ebooks but I've never had the chance to read her.

    Thank you for the recommendation -- I'll check out this series. ^_^

    Have a great day!

  4. What a kind and generous review of Jilting the Duke! Thank you so much for your thoughtful attention to the many things I tried to do in that book. As a debut author, I very much appreciate your review; as a writer, I appreciate your own lovely sentences.



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