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An Exclusive Interview with Renee Bernard + Giveaway (Thank you, Authors! Thank you, Fellow Readers!)

When a book you've read two years ago continues to stay with you ... and you remain slightly infatuated with the hero of said book, you know you have a keeper in your hands. That hero is Dr. Rowan West and that book is Ecstasy Wears Emeralds. I say slightly infatuated because I'm also slightly in love with the hero of another book in Renee's The Jaded Gentleman series: Darius Thorne.

What is the point of this confession? That Renee Bernard writes heroes (and heroines) very well -- they are characters that capture one's fancy and one's imagination ... and they leave you with a lasting impression.

The Jaded Gentleman series concluded recently with Michael's book and I'm so, so, so happy to find out that Renee is working on another Victorian-set seres for release in 2014.

Welcome to Love Saves the World, Renee Bernard!

LStW: Hi, Renee! Can you share with us your experience in working on a graphic novel?
Renee Bernard: I loved writing a comic book! Creating “Azrael’s Girl” was one of the most challenging and fun opportunities I have ever had. I won a contest at the RT Book Lovers Convention with a story idea and from start to finish, it was a dream come true. Scripting was so much harder than I’d imagined but I think it’s helped me to become a better writer. A dear friend, Anne Elizabeth, who has a successful comic book series of her own (The Pulse of Power novels) was a huge help in pushing me into comics and I’ve never looked back. I even got to attend Comicon in San Diego this year and it was amazing! Hopefully, I can keep going and there will be more comics in my future.

LStW: (Halloween) If you could dress up as any character, real or fictional, who would it be?
Renee: Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine and if I could choose any character to dress up as, it would have to be either Eleanor of Aquitaine (in her prime!) or Morgan leFay. What can I say? Complex, beautiful women of power always make the best impressions at a great party! LOL

LStW: (Thanksgiving) As a writer, what are three things that you are most thankful for?
Renee: I have so much to be thankful for, it’s hard to narrow it down to three. I’m naturally grateful for my family, friends and a roof over my head…but beyond that: 1) Readers who not only read my books, but any and all books. I’m thankful for readers that don’t care how that story gets into their hands, they just want that story. The support of those Super Readers is so humbling and so wonderful and I hope they know how much they mean to writers. 2) Tea. *Since I am apparently addicted to the stuff and can’t write without it. AND 3) Dark Chocolate. *See the explanation for Tea.

LStW: (Christmas) Do you have a favorite thing to gift friends for Christmas?
Renee: I tend to give people the things I long for most or that have meaning to me. Or things that when I see that item, it reminds me of only that person. I think a gift should be singular and special. My husband has already learned that buying me a candle or an empty picture frame is tantamount to announcing that you no longer love me. (I’ve forgiven him.) And with any gift, I really try to sit down with that card and make sure that there’s nothing rote in it and that every word counts.

LStW: (New Year) What's next for Renee Bernard in 2014?
Renee: 2014, here I come! I’m working on a new historical romance trilogy set in Victorian London centered around a character known as the Black Rose. The first book is titled “Lady Falls” and I promise, you’ll be one of the first I tell when I have that release date! (Fingers crossed for Spring/Summer 2014!) I’m also planning on a novella to follow up the Jaded, as well as new project involving contemporary paranormal. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll have more new books out in 2014 than any year so far for me! (Yikes!)

* * *

The Jaded Gentleman series by Renee Bernard

Vengeance doesn't always turn out the way you planned.

First in a sexy new series of erotic passion set in Victorian London

Galen Hawk desires nothing but revenge against the woman who betrayed his dearly departed friend. Instead of mourning the loss of her fiancé, Miss Haley Moreland is merrily celebrating her upcoming nuptials to another man. Now, Galen has one mission: to seduce Miss Moreland and enslave her heart. And when she is completely his, he will destroy her.

When Ashe Blackwell's grandfather challenges him to reform for a single social Season in London-or forfeit his inheritance-the rake agrees to the wager. But Ashe is assigned an unconventional chaperone: Miss Caroline Townsend, a young, independent, well-educated, American woman with beautiful eyes-and no patience for rogues.

Like all the Jaded Gentleman, Dr. Rowan West may have his secrets, but he's done his best to forgive the ghosts of his past. Until the beautiful Miss Gayle Renshaw appears on his doorstep, jeopardizing his medical practice, his reputation, and, worst of all, his heart.

After the darkness of a dungeon in India, artist Josiah Hastings found that years of imprisonment left his eyesight weak and failing. So when the fiery beauty of Miss Eleanor Beckett appears in his vision amidst the bleak grays of a London winter, he knows he's found his muse and one last chance at a masterpiece ...

Darius Thorne has learned to use his wit and intelligence to strategize a better life for himself. He is the White Knight amidst the small secret circle of Gentlemen known only as the Jaded. The handsome scholar shields his heart by keeping a studied distance from the world…until he rescues a beautiful woman.

Isabel Netherton isn’t merely a damsel in distress. A high born lady of quality unwilling to be a pawn, she is defiantly escaping an abusive husband. But under Darius’s protection she discovers an unexpected champion -- a man who teaches her the power of true desire and what it means to be treated like a queen.

However, the law of the land supports her husband’s cruel claim. It will take all of Darius' wit to keep one step ahead of their enemies and protect Isabel. In a deadly game of chess, Darius must defeat the Black Knight and sacrifice himself for his Ivory Queen or forfeit all.


The shy soldier and self-appointed guardian of the Jaded, Michael Rutherford, is faced with the ultimate test of his loyalty and honor when he meets the woman who is at once his perfect match and the worst choice he could ever make. The final battle with the Jaded’s greatest enemy will force him to choose between the brotherhood he has vowed to protect and shielding the innocent lady he comes to love. For Michael, it is a dance with the devil for a chance to taste the kisses of an angel.

Grace Porter is no ordinary wallflower or shy spinster hiding in the shadows of her brother’s London home. She is a quiet rebel with secrets of her own and a woman who dreams of an independent life, free to pursue her dreams as a writer. Her imagination holds the key to her survival, but it fuels her retreat from the colorless world around her. Until Michael Rutherford’s arrival upturns her every fantasy and threatens her sanctuary with his lies. His embrace is intoxicating to her senses but Grace isn’t the kind of woman to lose her head—or her heart.

It’s a knuckle-biting race to the finish for fans of the Jaded as fan favorite, Michael Rutherford, discovers the identity of the Jackal and Michael learns that sometimes the price to pay for justice is the sacrifice of hope and happiness. He will risk everything as the Jaded call him out as a traitor and nothing is what it seems.

An Original Penny Dreadful by Mr. A.R. Crimson! “Poseidon’s Curse or The Fatal Storm” – A fantasy serial from the creative mind of Crimson himself!

AND Special Reader Notes and Inside Information from the world of The Jaded Gentlemen!

To read my reviews of the books in Renee Bernard's The Jaded Gentleman series, click here.

* * *

Meet Renee Bernard --

What in the world is a retired Navy chaplain’s daughter doing writing scorching hot historical romances? Renee Bernard is applying a great education from traveling all over the world to story telling and doing her best to keep her father proud. Truthfully, her father is her number one fan, even though he has sworn never to read a single word of her books (a vow he has kept to this day!) Nothing stops him from telling everyone he knows that his daughter is now a USA Today Bestselling author.

To find out more about Renee Bernard and her books, click below:

*Short bio and photo taken from the author's website.

* * *

It's almost New Year! This is my way of saying "Thank you" and, hopefully, sharing the good cheer to all the wonderful authors and to all the wonderful romance readers in the world by giving away books!

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For this feature, I'm giving away winner's choice of any one book in Renee Bernard's The Jaded Gentleman series. (e-book via Kindle or paperback via The Book Depository)

*This giveaway is via Rafflecopter and is open to International Readers.
*This giveaway will run until January 3.
*One entry per household per IP.
*One winner can choose any one book in Renee Bernard's The Jaded Gentleman series.

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  1. Hi Renee!!!! It has been a long time coming!
    I didn't know you also had a graphic novel!!!! Now I'll have to find it and check it out too. Absolutely live comic books even though I haven't read one in ages.
    I can't wait to see your next series in 2014!!!!!

  2. Hi, Ki!

    I was very excited to read that Renee has a new series for 2014 as well! So, so excited for the coming year and all the new titles! ^_^

  3. I haven't read any of Renee's books, but they are definitely going on my to buy list! Thanks for the post!

  4. Hi, Renee! I was so pleased to read how your father supports your work! What a wonderful man he is to do that. I did have to chuckle when he said he would never read a word of what you write. Has he truly stuck to that promise? ;-) You are not only a lucky gal to have a father like that but a very talented and successful lady as well. Would so love to win one of your books.

  5. I love this whole series!! Great interview, Renee!

  6. This sounds like an amazing series. I can't wait to get started on them. I enjoy tea and chocolate as well.
    Happy Holidays,

  7. Renee, I can't believe I've missed out on reading your books! I'll have to fix that problem soon. Great interview. Happy New Year!!

  8. Yes, Connie! It's true. My father has yet to read past a title page and the acknowledgments but he is very proud…and I'm very lucky to have him. ;-) And thank you to everyone who has come by to say hello and offer their support. If you've just discovered me, I'm thrilled and I hope you fall in love with the "boys". Thank you to all of you and best wishes for your holidays and a fantastic year ahead!!

  9. Renee your books all look & sound fantastic. On my authors list.

  10. I haven't read any of Renee's books yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

  11. Hi Renee!

    I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since I read Revenge Wears Rubies! I love all your books but sincw rhat was the first one I read I think it may always be my favorite! I hadn't realize until I read this post today that Ecstasy Wears the only book in the series that I've missed!

    What one scene in all the books of the series was the hardest for you to write?

  12. I love Renee's Jaded Gentlemen series but I somehow missed picking up a copy of Ecstasy Wears Emeralds when it was first published!

    I'd love to win a copy and be able to add it to my bookcases along with the other books in the series!

    I first stated reading Renee's stories when she published her Mistress Trilogy and still have all the books in the series. Stories like her's just have to be read more than once!

  13. What a fantastic series! Love the covers. I have added them to my TBR list and look forward to reading Renee's books. Thanks for sharing.



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