Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wicked in Your Arms by Sophie Jordan

Singular is the word Sevastian uses when he finally admits that he is captivated by Grier.

It is also the word I will use to describe this novel.  Singular.  Utterly captivating.

Grier's a Cinderella -- rescued from her poor life in Wales and brought to London by her long-lost father.

Sevastian's a Prince but he isn't so charming.  He's grown up knowing only war and loss.  Finally, his kingdom has found peace and it's up to Sevastian to pick up the pieces and rebuild his home.

He's in London seeking an heiress.  And Grier's one, but she doesn't want to be.  She's happy to be in a corner, eating all the things she's never had when she lived in Wales.  And she's wary of all the men who see the money and not the woman.

And Grier definitely doesn't want Sevastian.  Especially after she overhears what he thought of her.

And Sevastian definitely doesn't want Grier.  Especially after what she does to him after she overhears what he thought of her.

And so begins a clash of wills and personalities.  Of a prince used to have people in humble and quiet obeisance.  And of a woman who has known only independence and self-determination.

I love Grier and Sevastian.  Whether they like it or not, they are kindred spirits.  Both living lives not of their own choosing.  Grier's father Jack wants her to marry a title.  And Sevastian's grandfather expects Sev to come home with a lot of money.

This was a page-turner and a delight to read.  The characters had wonderful personalities and I enjoyed reading about their little "skirmishes" --

When they finally come together, it is breathtaking.  Literally, the spark that has finally been lit.  It's a beautiful moment.

I think this is Sophie Jordan's best work ever.  I had trouble getting into Marguerite's story and actually had to put it down.  But this one was amazing.  Singular.  Captivating.

Now I am looking forward to Cleo's story.



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