Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Breach of Promise by Victoria Vane (e-book)

Lydia and Marcus have been engaged forever.  And Lydia has been in love with Marcus forever.

On the eve of their formal betrothal, Marcus gives Lydia a glimpse of their sexual compatibility and "ruins" her forever -- and then promptly leaves to embark on his career as a diplomat.

It is 6 years later and Lydia is tired of waiting for Marcus.  She writes to him and asks that they break their betrothal.

Marcus is reluctant to get married -- but he is even more reluctant to let Lydia go.

So what's Marcus to do?  He sets out to convince Lydia not to go -- and he'll do whatever is necessary.

I appreciated the details Vane included in her story -- from the description of the dresses, to the food, etc.  It created a clear sense of setting, allowing the readers to imagine the space (and the time) where the hero and heroine moved in.

I also loved the whole diplomatic/political dimension of the story.  One could see Vane's dedication to accuracy of the period she is writing about. 

There seemed to be a slight inconsistency with the characters and their dialogue (and intelligence).  Lydia and Marcus are incredibly smart people and converse intelligently about law and politics.  (Loved their exchange regarding the betrothal contract and the breach of promise) -- but they sounded incredibly ... average (read: lust driving their thoughts) when they talked about sex ... Or when they were in the midst of the coital act.

The weakest point of the story had to be Lydia's change of heart -- she was truly intent on breaking off her engagement with Marcus and showed remarkable restraint in the face of Marcus's seductive charm.  But when Marcus eventually agrees to it, she realises -- within the span of an hour (less actually) -- that she has made a big mistake and wants Marcus back.

I felt it was abrupt and had very little impetus for such a change.

I also did not believe Marcus' sudden reformation -- 

"I'm sorry, Lydia.  I can't deny that, but can we not forget the past?  Our engagement was too soon.  We were neither of us ready, but I won't hurt you again."

Perhaps Vane was trying to rush this part -- in order to tell the rest of the story?

As an erotic romance, this is relatively tame -- with a wonderful balance between story and sex.  (The characters aren't going at it every chapter --)

And it bring to fore the now-blurred line between a romance novel and an erotic romance novel.  A lot of romance novels are pushing the boundaries and including scenes that were once only found in the pages of an erotic romance novel.  

This was an enjoyable read.  

Her next work, also set in the Georgian period, is coming in April.

Disclosure:  I got a copy of this e-book through a giveaway.



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