Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Love the Earl by Caroline Linden (novella)

This is the prologue to Caroline Linden's ongoing series, The Truth About the Duke.

Margaret de Lacey had settled into her life as a spinster -- and to her simple, quiet life keeping house for her brother Francis.

But Francis suddenly becomes the Duke of Durham --

And Margaret's life changes dramatically.

With the dowry her brother has offered for her, she becomes the most sought-after heiress in London.

But Margaret is wary of the attention -- and she refuses to bend to Society's rules and whims.

Rhys, the Earl of Dowling, needs a rich wife -- desperately.

When he first decides to approach Margaret, all he sees is the forty thousand pounds Margaret will bring into the marriage.  But when he and Margaret have their first conversation, Rhys suddenly realizes that there is more to Margaret than just her money.

And he wants her.  Desperately.

This was a lovely short story.  It introduces the de Lacey family and their origin quite nicely.  And Margaret and Rhys are wonderful.  Both are sharp and quick-witted.  Both have a wonderful sense of humor.

Their love story was nicely developed.  (And enough was revealed about Francis, the Duke of Durham to pique my interest.)

It's amazing what Linden was able to accomplish in 140+ pages.

I actually read and enjoyed One Night in London and I'm looking forward to the next installment: Blame It On Bath.



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