Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On These Silken Sheets by Sabrina Darby

This is Sabrina Darby's debut and is a collection of 4 novellas all related to Harridan House -- an exclusive club that caters to every person's wildest fantasies.

I love how Darby was able to connect the four stories to each other (without being trite or forced) -- and I loved how she told each story.

My favorite of the 3 would be "Roses are Rouge" -- about Lady Blount and the new Baron Blount, a distant relative of her late husband.  Jason hates everything that Lady Blount represents -- believing she married the former Sir Blount (who was over 70) for his money.

But there is also an intense attraction between the two -- and it's a wonderfully emotional dance that the two perform -- like poles that attract and repel each other.

Lady Blount is a compelling character -- one sees her as carefree and hedonistic (in the first two stories) -- but one sees a softer, more fragile side to her as well.

While this is considered erotic, I felt Darby was able to convey sensuality without being obscene.  There is heart in her stories.

I look forward to Darby's next novel.


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