Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Other Guy's Bride by Connie Brockway (e-book)

It usually takes me 2 to 3 days to finish a book. This one took a day and a half. I pushed bedtime back so I could read a chapter; I woke up earlier to read another chapter; I risked getting carsick and read it while going out to get dinner. Why? Because I loved reading it so much and wanted to read some more!

Ginesse Braxton is a woman who knows what she wants and, right now, she wants to go back to Egypt and discover the lost city of Zerzura. And she also knows that no one will agree to accompany her on her expedition --

Ginesse has a sad history in Egypt. Her father is famous for his archeological achievements -- and Ginesse is infamous for all the mischief she has wreaked while growing up. The last bit being the (accidental) burning of some not-so-ancient papyrus, which resulted in her banishment to England.

But now she is on her back to Egypt -- and she has a plan.

She decides to impersonate her next-door cabin neighbor, Miss Whimpelhall, who is meeting her fiance, Colonel Lord Pomfrey, at Fort Gordon -- which is near the area she suspects Zerzura to be.

What she does not expect is the man sent by Colonel Lord Pomfrey to meet "her" --

Jim Owens doesn't like Colonel Lord Pomfrey and doesn't like the assignment he gave him -- and is determined to not like Miss Whimpelhall.

What he does not expect is to feel an instant attraction to the woman who steps off the boat --

And so the adventure begins.

Jim knows he is a man of honor -- and wants desperately to be that man -- but he can't keep himself from liking, and falling in love with another man's bride-to-be.

Ginesse thought Zerzura was her all. Then she meets Jim and realizes that there might be something more to life than her archeological aspirations.

This was a well-planned, well-plotted and well-written story. It is the kind of romance novel that I have not encountered in a long time -- epic in its adventure with a nice mix of humor and heart. The supporting character have dimension and wonderful stories.

I have one small niggle: I did not understand why, in Chapter 21, when Ginesse had the opportunity to reveal her true identity, she did not. Instead she continued with her masquerade as Miss Whimpelhall. But the succeeding chapters manage to tie that decision up nicely with the rest of the story.

This is a sequel to As You Desire, which is Ginesse's parents story.


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