Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seduction of a Highland Lass by Maya Banks

To put it simply, I really enjoyed this book.  I kept pushing delaying sleep just so I could finish one more chapter ... and then another.

Then when I finished it, I immediately went to my to-be-read pile and picked up the last book of the series.

Now I'm trying to find the words to say why this story worked for me --

In this installment, Alaric McCabe needs to do right by his clan -- his nephew got kidnapped while under his charge and he is eager to do his duty and prove his loyalty to his clan.  While on his way to the McDonald's to court his future wife, he and his clansmen are ambushed -- and he is left bleeding and dying.

By sheer luck, his horse leads him to Keeley.  Keeley is formerly of the McDonald clan who had banished her (unjustly) many years ago.  Keeley is sad, lonely and still hurting from the accusations and abandonment of her clan.

She finds purpose in caring for Alaric, her unnamed warrior -- and even more purpose when she is brought back to the McCabe hold after she and Alaric are found by Ewan and Caelen.

It is a devastating moment when Keeley realizes that she has fallen in love with Alaric -- and that Alaric is bound to marry her (former) dearest and closest friend, Rionna McDonald.

And it is equally devastating for Alaric when he realizes just how deeply in love he is with Keeley but he knows he cannot marry her.

Love is said to either be the complicating factor or the factor for change in a romance novel -- it does both in Banks' story --

Keeley and Alaric's love complicates things for both of them -- he needs to marry Rionna McDonald in order to secure an alliance and to ensure the safety of the McCabe clan and Keeley wants him but cannot betray her old friend, Rionna.

It also changes the two characters -- Alaric realizes that there is more to him than being a good brother and defender of the McCabes -- he realizes, for the first time, that he wants something for himself -- and Keeley discovers her worth as a healer and beloved member of her clan.

At the heart of this series' success is the set of characters.  Maya Banks was able to create members of a clan (the McCabes) with very distinct personalities and voices.  And the characters were consistent throughout the series (from Book 1 to 3) --

I'm currently reading the 3rd book.  (And enjoying it as well.)



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