Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Engaged in Sin by Sharon Page

This book annoyed me -- I finished it but it annoyed me.

This is Sharon Page's second mainstream historical romance -- and I think she is still trying to find her place in romance world. She's very good at writing sex scenes -- but even that was not very well done in this book.

Anne is desperate and on the run -- she believes she is guilty of murdering Madame Sin, the owner of the brothel where she has been working in. She pretends to be the courtesan hired to "entertain" the Duke of March.

Devon was blinded in the wars and is hiding from the world in his hunting box.

He is "charmed" by Anne's persistence and allows her to stay for one day. (And has sex with her.)

One day becomes one week and then one month, etc -- and they have sex a lot. (I was confounded by the one on the swing.)

The best part of the story was when Anne was trying to teach Devon to "see" again and I loved the part where they go out in the rain.

The story was well-plotted and had an okay beginning and an okay resolution -- but it wasn't a story that stood out. A lot of it was cliche: she falls in love with him and runs away so that she doesn't taint him or his title -- he finds her and they have sex and she runs away again, etc.

And she gets pregnant.


For me, Sharon Page's best work was still her Rodesson's Daughters Trilogy --


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