Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Black Hawk by Joanna Bourne

The Black Hawk is book 4 in Joanna Bourne's Spymaster series --

In this installment, we find a grown-up Adrian Hawkhurst as the new head of the British Intelligence Office. It is many years after the French Terror and he is back in England.

His world is disturbed once more when Justine knocks on the door of his Meek Street headquarters.

Justine was a spy for the French. And she was one of their best. In over 25 years of service, she and Hawker have crossed paths many times -- sometimes as comrades but, most times as enemies.

Justine has been living "quietly" as a shopkeeper in England but she is attacked one evening -- she instinctively finds her way to Adrian's doorstep where he and his fellow British spies tend to her injury.

Part of me wishes Joanna Bourne would write more than 1 book a year -- but the other part appreciates the deliberateness of her writing -- her stories are not hurried and her characters are well-developed.

This story is part of her Spymaster series -- but this is about 10-20 years after the first story (in the first book) began. I love that she's done that. It allowed her characters to develop more fully through each other's stories. (Adrian was 13 in Doyle and Maggie's story.)

I love how she writes, which is romantic but not sickeningly sweetly so.

I love Adrian and Justine. I read somewhere that this is the end of the Spymaster series ... I'm really looking forward to her future work!



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