Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Sinner Who Seduced Me by Stefanie Sloane

At the heart of Sloane's Young Corinthians story is a French conspiracy, which three spies have tried to uncover in three separate stories.

The problem with Sloane's conspiracy is that it isn't sinister enough --

When the series began in The Devil in Disguise, I didn't feel it was important enough or dangerous enough to merit such attention from a leading group of spies. (Premise of book 1: The French want to kidnap the richest girl in London so they can ransom her. O_o)

Book 2 followed a smuggling ring tied to Les Moines (the French organization) -- by far, this had the strongest story and tied a bit of Napoleon-related myth.

This third book felt a bit ... ridiculous. Les Moines threatens a French painter to go to England to paint the portrait of a rich banker's daughter. (They want the money. O_o) The French painter is injured before his trip so Clarissa, his student disguises herself as him and travels to England.

James is a Young Corinthian who has infiltrated Les Moines. He was asked by the leader of Les Moines to keep an eye on Clarissa and to ensure that she finishes the painting. (Again, O_o.)

James and Clarissa have a history. They were in love. Clarissa felt James betrayed her by not taking her side (about her father) and left.

They arrive in England and Clarissa paints the painting. In between, the endanger themselves and the rich banker's daughter by going to a Cyprian's Ball, by attending a boxing match and by letting the RBD (rich banker's daughter) gamble in a gaming hell.

Then they realize they still want each other and love each other. This was the strange part -- there didn't seem to be enough development in their relationships. From the start of their journey until the end, the felt like the same people. (Except they love each other.)

Sloane is continuing the series next year with The Saint Who Stole My Heart ... I'm hoping the long break between her books allows her to reflect on her material and provide her next story with more depth and insight.



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