Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To Pleasure the Duke by Sara Bennett

When Sara Bennett began her Husband Hunters series a few years ago, I was excited. I was excited about the possibility of a group of women who will take control of their lives and marriages by "naming" the man they plan to marry.

So far, the series has not disappointed me --

This is the latest installment.

It is now Eugenie's turn to name the man she plans to marry -- but, unlike her fellow Husband Hunters, Eugenie's prospects are slim: her father is an impoverished baron with a reputation for doing bad business, her mother is usually hysterical because of her twin brothers, etc --

But this does not stop Eugenie from naming Sinclair St. John, the Duke of Somerton, as her future husband.

In truth, Eugenie just said the first name that popped to her head -- but imagination quickly becomes reality when the Duke decides to reside in his country home (in the same village where Eugenie lives) -- and there is the matter of the goat.

The goat that started it all -- the Belmont children were on their way to the village to sell/return the goat when they cross paths with the Duke of Somerton. The Duke, after being butted by the goat, offers to take custody of the animal and allows the younger Belmont son to visit it.

Eugenie and Sinclair are keenly aware of their positions in society but this does not stop them from indulging their recklessness ... and falling in love.

This was a wonderful read -- the main characters were well-defined and extremely likable and the supporting cast had dimension. It would be interesting to read about Terry and the younger Belmont siblings in future Bennett books. ^_^


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