Sunday, December 25, 2011

All the Pleasures of the Season by Lecia Cornwall

This is an e-novella that completes the Archer Family story (Isobel and Phin from Secrets of a Proper Countess) --

Miranda feels the burden of being the youngest Archer -- she needs to enter into a respectable marriage to please her grandfather and to counter the notoriety gained by her older siblings.

She thinks that a match with the Duke of Kelton would be the answer to everything -- but her heart says otherwise.

She is in love with Gilbert Fielding, a second son of a baron with very little prospect -- and Gilbert loves her, too.

But they both know their place in society and their duty.  And they know that theirs is an impossible match.

This was a wonderful short story that showed the magic of the holiday season --

Gilbert is a wonderful character -- observant and understanding.  A man of action and of insight.

My favorite scene is the one where Miranda and Gilbert are looking at a portrait of Miranda -- (I won't spoil it -- read it and feel all tingly at what Gilbert says.)


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