Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unraveled by Courtney Milan

In one word? Wow.

In two words? Ohmygod. Wow.

Of the three brothers, Smite was always the most interesting and his story is aMAzing.

Smite is a magistrate and is known as Lord Justice because he is uncompromising, exact and deliberate. He has been that way all his life and in all aspects of his life.

His brothers, Ash and Mark, and their wives have all accepted who he is and tiptoe around him -- as though he were surrounded by broken glass.

But Miranda refuses to bend to his personality. She has seen glimpses of a different Smite and she likes what she has seen.

Smite is equally fascinated by Miranda. It is obvious that she doesn't belong in the slums of Bristol but he can't figure out where exactly she ought to be.

In an impulsive move, he asks her to be his mistress for one month -- hoping he could indulge and then move on.

But Miranda's life is complicated and she brings these complications with her. She is indebted to The Patron, an unknown entity that rules the slums.

Smite is also very complicated. The sight and sound of water upsets him. He can't have his face touched. He allots only 20 minutes for sentiment each day. And he has a photographic memory -- which means, he can never, ever forget his past.

But Smite keeps it all in check. He is very together, which infuriates his older brother (who wishes he could help Smite with something ... anything.)

I love the Turner brothers. I love the names their mother gave them. The impression from the very first book in the series is that the three brothers hate their names and keep it a secret.

One realizes that Miranda is truly special when Smite reveals his true name andall Miranda says is, "Your mother named you after the rainbow?" -- it is Miranda's very unique point of view that Smite needs in his life.

Miranda and Smite are wonderful characters. Complex without being convoluted. Broken without being fragmented. Challenging without being irritating.

This is Courtney Milan's first major foray in self-publishing -- she took her time with this book. (Originally scheduled for release earlier in the year) -- and I appreciate it.

It was masterfully written -- and wonderfully balanced.

I can go on and on with superlatives.

To say this was a page-turner would be an understatement.


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