Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winning the Wallflower by Eloisa James

Lucy and Cyrus are engaged -- but a reversal of fortune changes everything.

Lucy inherits some money and realizes that she now has more power to choose a husband -- one who would do more than be aloof and indifferent to her.

Cyrus wanted a wife with an impeccable lineage and no fuss.  He is convinced that his criteria is sound and Lucy is the best choice.

But Lucy breaks off their engagement -- leaving Cyrus half in love with this new Lucy.  The Lucy who is honest and stands up to him.

He throws his old plan out of the window and sets off with a new plan -- to win his former wallflower fiance.

Lucy and Cyrus are wonderful together.  I love their conversations and I love how they are able to match wits.

I was charmed by how unaware Cyrus was of his own attractiveness.  He has had ladies fall over his feet but he did not let this get to his head.  It is Lucy who shows him that he is a man worthy of love.

This was a nice short story -- I'm looking forward to the full-lengthed novel, The Duke is Mine, which features Lucy's friend, Olivia.


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