Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Book Bargains!

Happy Thanksgiving, Fellow Readers!

There are a lot of great coupon offers on books online:
First, Amazon is offering an extra 30% on books. Offer is good until December 1. Enter code BOOKDEAL at checkout.

Kobo has a 75% off coupon code: 75OFF and an 80% off coupon code: 80NVBR -- both are one-time use only. (If you still have books to get, there's also a 50% off coupon: 50NVBR)

Today is also the 25-hour promo from The Book Depository: 50 books, 50 offers. (Shipping is FREE Worldwide. ^_^) Offer ends November 29.

Here are some books for your holiday e-reading pleasure. ^_^

$3.99 on Amazon

This is number 1 in All About Romance's Top 100 Romance Novels for 2013. In fact, it's been on the number 1 spot for 5 of the 6 times that this poll was conducted. (It was #5 in 1998.)

FREE on Amazon

This is book 1 in Lauren Royal's Jewel Trilogy. (She's one of my favourite authors!)

FREE on Amazon

This is book 1 in Andrea Pickens's Lessons in Love series.

FREE on Amazon

This is a short novella by Tamara Gill. ^_^

$0.99 on Amazon

This is one of my favourite debut novels for 2013. (And Jennifer McQuiston is now on my auto-buy list. To read my review of What Happens in Scotland, click here. And, to read my review of Summer is for Lovers, click here.)

$2.99 on Amazon

Published in June 2013, this is a fairly new book at a really good price. It's Johanna Lindsey's 50th book and it's a Western! 158 reviews, average of 4 stars! (Did I mention it's Johanna Lindsey?)

$0.99 on Amazon ($2.99 for INT)

I love bundles! And this one looks like a very good deal on books by Catherine Kean.

$2.99 on Amazon

Not a historical romance, but I was alerted about this promo and it's a very good deal: 10 books for $2.99! (And who doesn't love a billionaire?)

All prices accurate as of the time of posting.  Enjoy!

I have giveaways ongoing as part of my Thank you, Authors! Thank you, Fellow Readers! feature. Click, read and join!^_^


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