Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: An Improper Wife by Tarah Scott and KyAnn Waters (e-novella)

It was their last night of freedom. As a final act of defiance before they marry each other, Caroline and Taran decide to attend a masquerade -- not knowing that the other one would also be there.

As Aphrodite, Caroline reveled in the freedom her disguise gave her -- she was free to taste, see and say many things she would never have been allowed to experience as a gently-bred lady. As Aphrodite, Caroline was able to explore the sensual side of life --

Taran had wished his future wife would be more like Aphrodite: warm and openly passionate instead of the cold and proper Englishness of his future wife.

Neither Taran nor Caroline were expecting to find love in their marriage because neither one wanted it. (They are only fulfilling family obligations.) What I loved about this novella is being able to see how compatible Taran and Caroline are and, that, obligations aside, they would have discovered (earlier on) how great they are together.

He drew a deep breath. "Nay, love, I do not toy with you. It was an honest mistake." There was some truth to that. "What wife can fault a husband for likening her to the goddess of love?"

Guilt stabbed deep. She could and would fault him if she knew the truth, but he wouldn't hurt her with the truth. He couldn't prevent a silent, morbid laugh. His sense of chivalry knew no bounds. ...

Taran glanced at his wife. She still stared out of the window. He wouldn't again confuse her with the phantasm he'd touched last night.
- pp. 63-64

The authors show the heartbreaking irony of what might have been and I love that the authors are able to maintain the suspense of the masquerade -- revealing clues throughout the story. There were instances when Taran or Caroline slipped (see p. 63, p. 80 for examples) and I was thinking: Oh no! Will they find out now? How would they react?

I read this in one sitting. Yes, it was that interesting. ^_^

For more information about the authors, visit their websites (Tarah Scott) (KyAnn Waters).

Disclosure: I won this copy in an online contest.



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