Monday, September 22, 2014

Free and Discounted Historical Romance Novels (A bumper crop of boxed sets!)

Hi, all!

September's almost over! How time flies! ^_^

Here's this week's featured selection of Free and Discounted historical romance novels:

Features the novellas of Courtney Milan, Caroline Linden, Tessa Dare, Carolyn Jewel, Sherry Thomas, Leigh LaValle and Erin Knightley.

This box set includes: Ava Stone's A Scandalous Past, Rose Gordon's His Jilted Bride, Jerrica Knight-Catania's More than a Governess, Catherine Gayle's Twice a Rake, Deb Marlowe's The Love List, Julie Johnstone's Bargaining with a Rake, Claudia Dain's Much Ado About Dutton, Jane Charles's A Reluctant Rake, and Christi Caldwell's My Lady of Deception. -- from the book description on Amazon

Includes these all-time, standalone favorites by 5 Queens of Romance:

MIDNIGHT WALTZ - Jennifer Blake
SEDUCING THE RAKE - Christina Skye
ALMOST PERFECT - Denise Domning
- from the book description on Amazon

Regency Masquerades: A Limited Edition Boxed Set of Six Traditional Regency Romance Novels of Secrets and Disguises
$0.99 on Amazon (Pre-order: Release date is October 13)

This special, limited-edition set includes:

Daring Deception, by Brenda Hiatt
When her brother promises her in marriage to pay a gaming debt, Miss Chesterton dons a disguise to prove Lord Seabrooke a fortune hunter. But even as she gathers evidence, she finds herself losing her heart to the handsome Earl.

Lucy in Disguise, by Lynn Kerstan
A charming aristocrat in trouble is rescued by a young woman disguised as a Lancashire Witch. Love comes swiftly, but she’ll only agree to wed if they protect her friend, a fearful heiress, from a greedy and dangerous family.

The Earl’s Revenge, by Allison Lane
A battle of wits unmasks the secret lives of the Earl of Bridgeport and his former fiancée Elaine Thompson. Only love might prevent ruination.

The Lady from Spain, by Gail Eastwood
A young woman posing as a Spanish widow returns to England after Napoleon’s war, set on a dangerous quest. Can the handsome lord who must unmask her also turn her heart toward love?

Gwen’s Ghost, by Alicia Rasley and Lynn Kerstan
An unredeemed rake must mask his true self so that he can undo the damage he caused with his life -- and his death.

The Redwyck Charm, by Elena Greene
Heiress Juliana Hutton masquerades as an opera dancer to escape an arranged marriage to the Earl of Amberley, but fate has different plans ...

Sweet Surrender Historical Romance Boxed Set
$0.99 (US)/$2.99(INT) on Amazon

Features the works of Heather Boyd, Donna Cummings, Tamara Gill, Suzi Love, Sandra Sookoo, and Wendy Vella.



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