Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Free and Discounted Historical Romance Novels

Hi, all!

July 15 was an exciting day of releases (for me and for many readers):

Courtney Milan's The Suffragette Scandal is out. It's Book 4 of her The Brothers Sinister series and features Free (Frederica Marshall, Hugo's sister).

Click here to go to Courtney Milan's website for more information and buy links.

Jess Michaels also released A Matter of Sinthe first book of her new series, The Ladies Book of Pleasures.

Click here to go to Jess Michaels's website for more information and buy links.

The Sinning Hour by Elise Rome isn't out yet, but the author is offering a very good pre-order price ($1.99 for a full-length book!). I'm a big fan of Elise Rome, writing as Ashley March, so this is a book I've been waiting to read for a long time now.

Click here for more information about the book, and click here to pre-order the book from Elise Rome's e-Bookstore. (Yes, I've pre-ordered my copy.)

And, now, here are this week's featured free and discounted romances:

This is the e-novella that introduces The Brothers Sinister series, and it is FREE at all e-tailers.

This is another e-novella that introduces a series: Regency Rhapsody.

This is book 1 in Heather Boyd's The Distinguished Rogues series.

This collection contains 7 e-novellas that each introduce a series. For 99-cents? Insta-buy.

This first book in Lecia Cornwall's The Highland (McNabb Family) series.

This is Book 1 in May McGoldrick's Scottish Dream series.

Book 1 of Manda Collins's Wicked Widows series

Happy Reading! ~


  1. What a nice selection of books Tin.
    Some new to me authors that I'll be checking on.
    Sometimes I wonder 'where have I been'?! LOL!

    1. Hi, Dalila!

      Thank you for stopping by! I love this week's selection as well and have gotten the Lecia Cornwall title and the anthology. ^_^

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