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Blog Tour: Romancing His English Rose by Catherine Hemmerling (Interview + Giveaway)

Love Saves the World welcomes Catherine Hemmerling and her book, Romancing His English Rose, which is the second book in her Lady Lancaster Garden Society series.

Catherine graciously granted me an interview and here is the full Q&A:

LStW: Hi, Catherine! Congratulations on the release of Romancing His English Rose! Can you tell us a little bit more about your hero and heroine in Romancing His English Rose?

Catherine: Rose and Simon have been betrothed since childhood and neither seem particularly thrilled about it. Rose is a pretty but painfully shy genius with a photographic memory. Simon is a happy-go-lucky ne'er-do-well working on being the biggest rake he can be. It's only a common foe that could throw these two together and over time they realize just how much they like each other. Can Simon bring Rose out of her shell and can Rose bring Simon down to earth?

LStW: Romancing His English Rose is book 2 in your Garden Society series. Are you an avid gardener? Do you have a favorite flower?

Catherine: My favorite flowers are gardenias and roses. Gardenias play a role in the first book and, well, Rose is a pretty big part of the second. I love gardens. My favorite thing is to take a book out to the garden and just sit and read. I especially love rambling English gardens. I, myself, do not have a green thumb, but my mother does and visiting her mountain cabin in the spring is a glorious thing.

LStW: Your novels incorporate mystery and intrigue into historical romance. Do you plot the mystery part first or the romance part?

Catherine: The romance always seems to fall into place as the hero and heroine spend time together solving the mystery. So I definitely plot the mystery first.

LStW: What's the best thing about being a writer?

Catherine: Being able to work from anywhere.

LStW: What books are on your bedside table right now?

Catherine: Faerie by Delle Jacobs; Crocodiles on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters; book 3 in the JD Robb series, Immortal in Death.

LStW: Thank you very much, Catherine!

Catherine is giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card. (See Rafflecopter below.) Catherine's blog tour runs until October 14 and she'll be stopping by the following blogs through her tour, make sure to drop by and visit for more information about her new book.

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* * *

About the book:

Romancing His English Rose (Lady Lancaster Garden Society Book Two)
by Catherine Hemmerling

Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing.
Date of Publication: 9-9-13
Number of pages: 174


Rose Warren and Simon Trumbull may have been betrothed since birth, but that doesn't mean they have to like each other. Rose is sure the notorious playboy Simon will never willingly settle down, and Simon, well... he agrees. Never one to be forced into anything, he'd rather drink and gamble with his mates than spend time with the bookish, bespectacled Rose.

When the two are thrown together to investigate a potential poisoning mystery, neither expects the sparks that fly. Simon discovers that Rose is, in face, a brilliant sleuth and - even better - hides a delectable body beneath her flowing skirts. Suddenly, falling into bed may be the best idea either has heard, but can Simon convince Rose his romancing is forever?


“Ah, yes ...” Simon said haltingly, unable to believe that Lady Lancaster had suggested he dance with Rose. Usually when he poured on his charm, the older ladies did everything in their power to keep the young impressionable girls away from him. Of course, he was engaged to Rose, so perhaps that accounted for the woman’s unusual decision.

Turning to Rose, Simon saw that she too was surprised by the dowager’s recommendation. She also appeared displeased by it. Most young ladies fawned over him and when he asked one to dance, they would practically swoon with delight. But Rose seemed almost disgusted by the idea.

Pride pricked, Simon came to a decision. This dance would be the best Rose had ever experienced -- one she would never forget.

Pulling himself up straight and tall, Simon adopted the most sincere mien he could and asked, “Rose, may I have this dance?”

Rose nodded and accepted Simon’s arm and together they walked to the dance floor.

Soon they were moving gracefully around the ballroom floor ... in complete silence. Rose was gazing absently over Simon’s shoulder and Simon was trying in vain to come up with something witty and interesting to say.

While deciding to impress Rose enough for her to never again regret having to dance with him, Simon took a moment to get a better look at his betrothed. Something was different about her tonight, but he just couldn’t put his finger on what.

Book is available at

* * *

About the author:

Catherine Hemmerling has been a technical writer in the software industry for nearly twenty years and has published many user manuals and technical documentation in that time. She has always had a love of writing fiction but has never pursued publication in that genre until now.

Hopefully it is the beginning of a long new journey with Lady Lancaster and the Garden Society girls. Certainly historical romance (especially the scandalous kind) is more fun than writing technical documents!

This author happily resides in Tehachapi, California (near Bakersfield -- home of her Alma-mater!) with her family.

Catherine writes for Entangled Publishing's Scandalous historical line and is thrilled to be part of their family of writers!

Find Catherine at:

* * *

Catherine is giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Enter through Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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  1. Congrats on the release Catherine!!! I love mysteries and of course childhood friends turn lovers! I have this in my TBR pile! Hope you're enjoying your tour~

  2. Hi, Catherine! I absolutely sighed when I read the excerpt of your new novel. It sounds so good and I cannot wait to read it. All the best and hope you sell lots! :-)

  3. Congratulations on the publication of Romancing His English Rose! It sounds like a wonderful book. Lovely cover. Thanks for sharing the great excerpt.

  4. English Rose looks great! It's on my wishlist now!

  5. Thanks for such a fun interview! I hope everyone loves the book!

  6. I enjoyed the interview. This sounds like a fantastic read.
    Thanks :)

  7. I have a question for the author, Catherine: What made you want to write historical fiction as opposed to any other genre?
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. One of my favorite tropes is the couple who have been engaged forever but have never really gotten to know each other. This sounds like one I will like. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on your book release.

  9. All the best Catherine!!!! Really enjoyed the excerpt!

  10. I do love Historical Romance. On my reading list!!!



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