Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cover Reveal! Romancing Lady Stone by Delilah Marvelle (e-novella) -- with a Giveaway!!!

I was so, so excited when Delilah Marvelle announced that she was releasing an e-novella for her School of Gallantry series and knew that I needed to participate in this event.

This cover reveal is a first for Love Saves the World and I'm delighted to help spread the word about Delilah's latest work. (She's one of my favorite authors.)

Here it is!

Isn't it amazing? I love the colors! So vibrant! And the dress (on Lady Stone) looks beautiful with all the draping/ruffles.

To celebrate the debut of this beautiful cover (and the release of the e-novella -- today!!!), Delilah Marvelle is giving away five (5) ebook copies of Lady of Pleasure, the first book in the School of Gallantry series.

Giveaway ends August 25.

* * *

About the novella:

He believes in destiny. She just wants to survive it...

At forty, Lady Cecilia Evangeline Stone thinks she has everything a woman could ever want. A title, a fortune, and four children who make her proud. After a marriage of convenience that was anything but convenient, she has no desire to complicate her life by including a man in it again. When her eldest son announces his engagement to a Russian actress in Saint Petersburg, Cecilia sets out to do what any good mother would do: stop the wedding. Unfortunately, destiny has other plans.

Konstantin Alexie Levin never considered himself to be a villain. In fact, he considers himself to be a Russian gentleman. Having grown up in a refined and well-educated family that embraced criminal life to avoid debtor’s prison, the only thing preventing him from knowing happiness is the rest of the world. Everything changes, however, when Konstantin is given a chance to start life anew and travel to London to collect an unexpected reward for saving a man’s life. To his surprise, he is about to become a hero at midnight to a beautiful aristocrat who desperately needs his help. The problem is ... he wants to do more than save Lady Stone. He wants to make the woman his, all his.

WARNING: This book is Rated Double S (Sweaty & Sinful) and contains strong language and sexual content which may cause respectable people to swoon.

* * *

Meet Delilah:

Delilah Marvelle is the winner of the Reviewer's Choice for Best Sensual Historical Romance of the Year and had Booklist name her historical romance 'Forever and a Day' one of the TOP 10 Romance of 2012. When she isn't writing, she's digging through research books. You can visit her at her website at www.DelilahMarvelle.com

Website: www.DelilahMarvelle.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Delilah-Marvelle/73234401876
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DelilahMarvelle

* * *

Delilah Marvelle is giving away five (5) ebook copies of Lady of Pleasure, the first book in the School of Gallantry series.

Giveaway ends August 25.

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Thank you to Kati, the Romance Wrangler, for the opportunity!


  1. I think this is the 1st book I've come across where the heroine is 40! Different.

    Double S rating, huh? That's very very promising.

  2. Hi, Linda!

    It's a really wonderful series! Thank you for dropping by and for leaving a comment!

    Have a great day!

  3. What a lovely book! I would enjoy reading about an older heroine for a change. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. Thanks Tin for participating in Delilah's cover reveal.

  5. I love Delilah's books!!! I fell in love with her stories with the first one I read and she became a must read immediately :) Can't wait to read this new one!

  6. I’ve been so looking forward to reading this novel! Sounds great!

  7. Beautiful cover, and it sounds like a great book!

  8. Love that the heroine is older! It is so very rare!



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