Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In Deep by Chloe Harris

I read Chloe Harris's debut erotic novel, Secrets of Sin -- and the story of Jaidyn and Connor actually begins there.

There was such promise to it -- a sea captain and the reluctant prostitute -- their first encounter is a threesome between Connor, his friend Reinier (hero of the first novel) and Jaidyn. While in the midst of their menage a trois, Connor stops Reinier from having Jaidyn but refuses to explain why. Thus is the mystery of Jaidyn and Connor's relationship (and why I decided to get the second book) --

Jaidyn has no choice but to work at Madame Poivre's -- she has no money and has no one to help her get to the Carolinas. She needs to work -- and Connor (and Reinier) are her first customers.

Instead of developing the story, this one flatlines -- the interaction between Connor and Jaidyn are only physical -- there is no indication of any emotional investment in either character and, when they realize that they have fallen in love with each other, it's a bit difficult to believe.

The storytelling is also a bit disjointed -- and the tone inconsistent. A lot of the complications and twists in the story are introduced far too late -- and a lot of things are left unresolved (or not resolved conclusively). There is potential for character development in Harris' story: a lot about Jaidyn's past is hinted about but never explored.

The biggest plus about this story are the love scenes -- the acts Jaidyn and Connor engage in are seemingly acrobatic but Harris is able to order the events in such a way that the scene moves nicely (without an elbow or a knee out of place) --

Final note: I did not like the name of the heroine -- it's too modern for the 18th century. And I did not understand the name of her horse: May Hem. Why 2 words?


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