Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Kissed an Earl by Julie Anne Long

In this installment to the Pennyroyal Green series, we find Violet Redmond -- beautiful, young, impulsive and perfectly composed. Violet Redmond is a restless sort -- and her life in England bores her. She believes she has seen and done it all. Her first meeting with Asher Flint discomposes her completely -- because he forgets her name.

And no one has ever done that to Violet before. She's used to getting her way. She's used to being able to manipulate convince people to see things her way. She's also the Redmond her family is most wary of -- because things just happen to her.

Asher Flint, the new Earl of Ardmay has more important things to do than dance and be "put on exhibit" at such balls. He needs to find Le Chat, a pirate with whom he needs to settle a personal score (and avenge his mentor).

When Violet hears about Le Chat, she pieces together the puzzle and realizes that the pirate Flint is looking for might be her brother, Lyon.

In true Violet fashion, she finds a way to get on board Flint's ship and doesn't expect what would happen next.

Asher has traveled the world many times over. He has risen up from his unfortunate childhood and has now received a most distinguished title -- but there is a restlessness to Asher -- a deep sense that he doesn't belong where he is. His ship and his travels are his refuge and excuse. The maps and charts that guide his ship guide him as well.

When Violet enters his world, it is turned over and inside out. He has never had anyone challenge him or infuriate him ... (or beat him) before. For the first time in his life, he is in uncharted waters.

There is a beauty and a preciseness to Julie Anne Long's writing. She's able to reveal and develop character gradually (and plausibly) -- and she writes love and longing so well.

The moment Violet realizes what she feels for Flint, she realizes what the word "breathtaking" truly means -- the moment when these two hearts discover that they are home in each other and are no longer restless -- it is a heady and electric moment.

Best profession of love. Ever.
"I could not have born [sic] it if he killed you. You. I could not have lived. I simply would have ... stopped breathing. I would have killed him a dozen more times. Happily. For you."

The scope of the story is not epic -- but it is profound. At the heart of it is family -- Violet's intense yearning to make hers whole again. And Asher's desire to be part of one. The highest point of drama is when Violet is caught between her love for her brother and for Asher. How does one choose between two loves without betraying the other?

Violet believed in her heart that Lyon could not have done the things Asher accuses him of doing. And Asher knows only that he must avenge his mentor's death by bringing to justice that man responsible. These are the truths that rule their lives and their motivations. What happens when the truth of one's life clashes with the truth of another person's life?

It is a trial that would bend or break many heroines -- but not Violet -- who has the mind and heart and resourcefulness to figure out what she needs to do.

What comes from this thesis and antithesis is not a breakdown or falling apart of truth -- but a synthesis of it. Both Asher and Violet realize this new truth -- and this new life -- a world where their love for each other can exist.

And Julie Anne Long offers a resolution that works.

I am looking forward to Lyon and Olivia's story. (Oh please, oh please, let his story be next. ^_^)

Final note: p. 188 to 189 -- Oh. My. God. Wicked funny.


  1. No, it's not! The next book is WHAT I DID WITH A DUKE featuring Genevieve Eversea. It's a great book, too, and one I reread when I'm in a reading slump. Who cares if JAL screws up titles? Great story-telling, great author! (OK, I need to be paid for this glowing endorsement.)

    I 100% agree with you. JAL writes love and longing so well. Redeemed the heroine (she was not an angel!) and now have us hankering for Lyon and Olivia's book

    More JAL please!

  2. I'm waiting for my copy of What I Did... to arrive. ^_^

    Yes, I am really excited to read Lyon and Olivia's story. (Am not sure if it's about them yet -- because the title is "The Notorious Countess Confesses." --

  3. No summary pa sa site niya :(

    1. All I know is that it's about Adam Sylvaine. ^_^



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