Friday, October 28, 2011

Season for Temptation by Theresa Romain

This is Romain's debut novel -- I tried to like it but felt that it lacked something to make it more interesting.

The author begins each chapter with a clever title -- I felt this limited each chapter -- when the author had fulfilled what was indicated in the title, the chapter end. It made her work episodic -- there was very little character development and, overall, her characters lacked depth.

Romain has a gift for humor and she shows this with her chapter titles, as well as with her heroine, Julia.

Julia is a breath of fresh air for James. She speaks her mind and eats heartily. My problem with her was that she talked too much.

The main conflict in the story is internal, IMHO -- James is engaged to Julia's sister, Louisa but he loves Julia instead.

The problem was, Louisa is a very likable character. She loved books and loved her sister. She was clever and honest. In some instances, the two sisters were very alike so I found it difficult to accept that James would prefer one over the other. (The only difference was that one loved him and the other did not.)

I felt this story was too flat -- but I see Romain's potential.

I will definitely try out her second book.



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