Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Accidental Courtesan by Cheryl Ann Smith

I really, really enjoyed Smith's debut novel, The School for Brides and had very high expectations of her follow-up, The Accidental Courtesan.

I felt that the story was not as cohesive as her debut and the characters were not as consistent. I also felt the pace was off -- this story had a more sinister plot -- a jewel that one of the former courtesans had stolen (and, which Noelle returned), starts off a chain of events that puts Noelle and Gavin in danger. The pace was choppy -- some parts were exciting and other parts ... dull.

Gavin seemed a bit hapless and merely reacted to the situation that Noelle would put them in -- it was clear that Noelle was the one steering the course of their story.

Noelle was more lovable in the first book -- in this one, she seemed a bit careless and reckless. She was a woman with a plan in the first book -- in this one, she relied too much on her impulses.

I hope Smith finds her groove in the next book. She has a lot of promise as a writer.



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