Friday, October 23, 2015

Blog on Break -- be back soon!

Hi, all!

It's strange to write this, because, in 4 years of doing this, I've blogged through kids' exams, vacations, and sickness --

But I need to take a quick break now. Both my kids are down with a nasty virus, and I don't think I can find time to write anything. (And it looks like I might be coming down with it, too.) :-(

I do have one ARC review that's due this month, and I will post that before it is released, but, beyond that, I don't imagine being able to take care of my blog. Rest assured, I'm reading -- and will try to conquer the review backlog when I get back.

See you all in November!

Before I go:

Kobo has a contest again. Thrills & Chills Trivia Contest, running from October 21 – 30, 2015. There's a chance to win Kobo e-readers, but, more importantly, a chance at getting daily discount codes from 10% to 75% discount. Click here to play. (US Only, but Kobo Canada and Kobo UK also have a similar contest.)



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