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Free and Discounted Historical Romance Novels

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Not romance novel related, but for those who use Zinio, there's a great offer for this weekend: get 40% off on your magazine subscriptions with code ZINIO4U. Offer is good until June 14, 11:59pm EST. Check out the magazine offerings here.

Kobo also has a selection of books that are discounted up to 70% off. Click here to see the discounted books.

Here are this week's free and discounted historical romance novels:

Guardian of Darkness by Kathryn Le Veque
FREE on Amazon

About the book:
374 pages, 52 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.4 stars)

1200 A.D. -- After decades of warring between the Lairds of Kerr and Prudhoe Castle in Northumbria, a tentative peace is reached. The Lady Carington Kerr is sent to Prudhoe as a hostage to ensure her father’s good behavior, and a more reluctant hostage there never was.

Small and dark, with emerald eyes and a luscious figure, she is as gorgeous as she is fiery. Enter Sir Creed de Reyne; a gentle giant of a man, he is, by nature, calm and wise. He is the ice to Carington’s fire. As Carington resists the attempts to keep her in her English prison, Creed is placed in charge of the captive as both jailer and protector.

But Creed is also as reluctant a protector as she is a hostage; six months prior, he had been given the important assignment of escorting Isabella of Angoulệme from France to England as the bride of King John. Isabella, a woman-child of twelve years, was smitten with Creed from the start. When he spurned her advances, she fabricated a story of Creed’s indiscretions against her and brought the king’s wrath upon him. Creed fled to Prudhoe and straight into another assignment guarding a firebrand of a young woman.

Creed soon discovers that Carington is far different from the petty child who would become queen and against both his judgment and his wishes, he falls for the Scots lass. Suffering through tragedy and triumph, Creed and Carington have a love that only strengthens with each passing moment. Even when Creed is forced to flee for his life and leave Carington behind, their only thoughts are of being together again.

With Isabella and King John closing in, Creed and Carington must fight for their very survival as two countries and a kingdom seek to separate them.

The Rake and The Recluse: A Tale of Two Brothers (an illustrated time travel romance) (Lords of Time - illustrated Book 1) by Jenn LeBlanc
FREE on Amazon

About the book:
741 pages, 77 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.5 stars)

Great Britain, 1880

A woman out of time.
A man stifled by propriety.
A nemesis determined to take her away.
A brother to the rescue.

The Duke of Roxleigh is running the track, training his new set of Friesians when a woman runs from the forest directly into his path, nearly killing her.

He takes her back to his home to care for her ... but there's something not quite right and though he wishes to be done with the entire situation, he just can't keep her from his thoughts ...

Francine Larrabee was on a path bound for certain glory, until she lands in Victorian England and is nearly killed by a team of terrifying black horses led by a Duke, Gideon, who matches them in spirit and demeanor and always seems to be cross. Though she is drawn to her rescuer, he wants nothing to do with her.

Brother to The Duke of Roxleigh, the Lord Peregrine Trumbull, is Viscount of Roxleigh in name, but a rake of the worst order by action ... until he meets his match in a girl who requires his complete submission, something he has never been familiar with.

Lilly Steele was a simple country miss until she was kidnapped, brutally attacked and left for dead in the far reaches of Great Britain, now she has escaped the aftermath and has asked Perry to do the untenable.

She managed to recover her physical injuries ... but the emotional scars run deep and will require absolute trust and healing from an altogether unlikely source.

What is love? Where does it come from? What makes two people crash, and two other people burn. In this six part serial novel we learn what it means to love, what it means to care, and what it feels like to give up everything you know, to save the one person you can't live without.

Seducing Charlotte (Accidental Peers Book 1) by Diana Quincy
FREE for US/$2.00 for Int on Amazon

About the book:
263 pages, 34 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.6 stars)

Opposites attract ...

The wealthy and dashing Marquess of Camryn can have any woman he wants, but the charismatic bachelor stuns society by falling for a plain wallflower. When the no-nonsense Charlotte Livingston shows no interest in him, Camryn is even more intrigued and embarks on a relentless campaign to win her over.

Worlds collide ...

As a fierce attraction flares between them, a violent machine-breakers rebellion rages across England. Camryn vows to wipe out the rebel movement, unaware that the spinster who has captured his heart, harbors a shocking secret connection to the machine breakers that could destroy him.

Heart's Delight (Lost Lords of Radcliffe Book 1) by Cheryl Holt
$0.99 on Amazon

About the book:
351 pages, 4 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.5 stars)

Three little lost lords, cast to the winds of fate ...

So begins CHERYL HOLT’S breathtaking new trilogy, The Lost Lords of Radcliffe ...

MICHAEL SCOTT grew up an orphan on the streets of London. He has no memories of his past, but he’s haunted by terrible dreams and always feels as if he lost something vital and precious along the way. Through cunning and determination, he’s become rich, prosperous, and dangerous. As a brigand and criminal, he knows how to fight and survive any battle. But when he had such a rough beginning as a child, how has he managed to thrive so spectacularly? How can he ever learn the truth?

MAGDALENA WELLS runs a charity mission in London’s worst slums. Although she’s heard many vicious rumors about treacherous, deceitful Michael Scott, when she meets him, she can’t help but fall under his spell. He is the most extraordinary person she’s ever encountered. If ancestry makes the man, how is she to account for his remarkable traits? His drive and accomplishments have propelled him to the highest levels of London society—which is exactly where he seems to belong. How can a ruffian be so brilliant and successful? What is his true history? Can Magdalena help to reveal the secrets he’s always been dying to discover?

Join CHERYL HOLT as she once again weaves a beloved tale of family, loyalty, love, and loss. As the truth about the “lost” lords is gradually revealed, readers will be cheering ...

The Emerald Isle Trilogy Boxed Set by Renee Vincent
$0.99 on Amazon

About the book:
912 pages, 252 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.3 stars)

The Emerald Isle Trilogy

Book 1: Raeliksen
Book 2: Mac Liam
Book 3: The Fall of Rain

One man risks his life to save her. Another risks his heart to love her. Who will be the victor?

Three of Renee Vincent's bestselling and critically acclaimed historical Viking romance novels are now available in one spellbinding bundle.

Full of fast-paced adventure, unforeseen plot twists, and courageous, to-die-for heroes like you've never read before, this extraordinary boxed set is sure to satisfy every readers' craving for the ultimate in historical Viking romance.

The Elusive Lord Everhart: The Rakes of Fallow Hall Series Book 1 by Vivienne Lorret
$0.99 on Amazon

About the book:
336 pages, 29 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.1 stars)

Gabriel Ludlow, Viscount Everhart, will never marry, and thus is sure to win the bachelors' wager amongst his friends. Assuming, of course, that his deepest secret -- a certain letter containing a marriage proposal made in a moment of passion -- doesn't surface. After all, without Calliope Croft to tempt him, there's no danger of losing. Or of falling in love.

Calliope wants revenge. Five years ago, an anonymous love letter stole her heart and ultimately broke it. Now Casanova has struck again, and Calliope vows to unmask the scoundrel, stopping him from breaking any more hearts. Yet, time and again, Gabriel distracts her from her task, until she can no longer deny that something about him calls to her ...

Gabriel was a fool to ignore the depth of his feelings for Calliope, but the threat that kept him from her five years ago remains. Now he must choose between two paths: break her heart all over again or finally succumb to loving her … at the risk of losing everything.

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