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Free and Discounted Historical Romance Novels

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Here are this week's featured free and discounted historical romance novels:

About this book:
224 pages, 10 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.3 stars)

Adrian, Viscount Marquand, is not a typical English lord. Spurning the gaming halls and brothels, he secretly designs the most beautiful gardens in England. Then his ne'er-do-well father bets the ancestral manor on the outcome of a golf match, and it's up to Adrian to save his beloved home. But first he must travel to Scotland to learn the game.

Miss Derrien Edwards is not a typical Scottish lass. Her bouncy blond curls tucked under a woolen cap, she satisfies her love of the links by passing as a young male caddie named "Derry".

When Adrian arrives at St. Andrews links, he's paired with "Derry". While learning to play, Adrian struggles to ignore his strange attraction to the impudent caddie, and Derrien finds herself caught in her own trap. Secrets swirl as the day of reckoning arrives—and neither can afford to lose the game.

A Diamond in the Rough
Sweeter Than Sin
Devil May Care

About this book:
162 pages, 11 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.5 stars)

In a world plagued with darkness, she would be his salvation.

No one gave Erik a choice as to whether he would fight or not. Duty to the crown belonged to him, his father's legacy remaining beyond the grave.

Taken by the beauty of the countryside surrounding her, Linzi would do anything to protect her father's land. Britain is under attack and Scotland is next. At a time she should be focused on suitors, the men of her country have gone to war and she's left to stand alone.

Love will become available, but will passion at the touch of the enemy unravel her strong hold first?

Fall in love with this Historical Celtic Viking Romance.
* There are 3 books in this series. Book 1 will end on a cliff hanger.
*Note: this is NOT erotica. It is a romance and a love story.

About this book:
326 pages, 1 review (Average customer rating: 5 stars)

Louisiana 1878

She was never a part of his plans ...

Drake McCalister is one of New Orleans most attractive, affluent, and infamous of men known for his “love them and leave them” ways. Conflicted by his ideals of loyalty, selflessness and love, he never relinquishes his heart to a woman. But when he crosses paths with Sierra Maudet during his business travels, and is lured into the most decadent place, a brothel, Drake’s views about women in and out of the bedroom are turned completely upside down. Now, Drake is seeing life entirely different for the first time.

Although he is soon-to-be wed to the illusive Isadora Marcos, heiress to his greatest rival’s shipping empire, he refuses to let go of the one woman who threatens to wreck his carefully laid plans.

His world of privilege may lead her to ruin ...

Life for Sierra Maudet came to a shattering end as a child with the sudden death of her mother. With a benefactor to please, and her younger brother to protect, Kyle—a magnet for women, Sierra takes to the stage swinging her hips, and singing sultry tunes with hopes of earning enough wealth to leave her small town and wanton lifestyle behind.

When the enticing outsider, Drake McCalister, unexpectedly enters into her life, promising to fulfil her adventurous spirit, Sierra surrenders to his sinful offer and returns with him to his New Orleans estate.

However, Isadora has no plans to hand over her prized stallion, and Sierra isn’t so sure that an affair with the handsome stranger won’t lead to her own heartache and despair. But her insatiable desire for Drake gets the better of her, and she decides that the temptation is worth the risk.

About this book:
278 pages, 40 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.5 stars)

London, 1820

The mission did not go quite as Robert Ware--known in society as the new Earl of Kirkland--planned. A spy in the service of His Majesty, Robert is a "guest" at a masquerade party as he retrieves vital information for a murder investigation. Until he's quite unexpectedly interrupted by an exquisite, masked woman with glittering green eyes. And a pistol she has cocked and aimed right at him...

Lady Sophia Merrill has defiantly taken up justice's shining sword, determined to expose the brigand who murdered her eccentric but brilliant father, and stole his latest invention. Now she must masquerade as Robert's betrothed in order to infiltrate the Inventor's Society and find the killer. But the undeniable potent attraction between them not only imperils the investigation, but Sophia's reputation... and both of their lives.

About this book:
275 pages, 35 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.6 stars)

As the new castellan, Sir Nicholas Beringar has the daunting task of rebuilding Ravenmoor Castle on the Scottish border and gaining the trust of the locals -- one of whom wastes no time in trying to rob him. Instead of punishing the boy, Nicholas decides to make him his squire. Little does he know the thieving young lad is really ... a lady.

Lady Elizabet Armstrong had donned a disguise in an attempt to free her brother from Ravenmoor's dungeons. Although intimidated by the confident Englishman with his well-honed muscles and beguiling eyes, she cannot refuse his offer.

Nicholas senses that his new squire is not what he seems. His gentle attempts to break through the boy's defenses leave Elizabet powerless to stem the desire that engulfs her. And when the truth is exposed, she'll have to trust in Nicholas's honor to help her people -- and to surrender to his touch ...

About this book:
188 pages, 50 reviews (Average customer rating: 3.6 stars)

Beautiful, young and wilful, Lady Louisa Munsford has determined that she will only marry for love.

When the very eligible Duke of Malvern makes her an offer, everyone expects her to accept him. Rich, handsome, with quite the most agreeable disposition and figure of any man of her acquaintance, he is the biggest matrimonial catch of the season.

There is just one problem; Louisa suspects that the Duke does not possess a passionate bone in his body. This is unfortunate, given that she had long ago resolved to be soundly kissed by him!

Jasper John Lansdowne, the Duke of Malvern is a gentleman through and through. He is well aware that Louisa regards him as her staid, bookish, older brother. He is determined to teach her that underneath his polished manners and gentlemanly demeanour, he is a man like any other―with a few desires of his own ...

Sparkling Regency Historical Romances take the manners and fun of the old style Regency novels and bring them up to date with a peep into the bedroom ...

About this collection:
514 pages, 80 reviews (Average customer rating: 4.2 stars) 
USA Today Best Selling Author Kirsten Osbourne – Mail Order Misunderstanding: Julia traveled West to be a schoolteacher. Thomas requested a mail order bride. When he arrives at the train station to pick up his bride, Thomas mistakenly thinks Julia is there for him. Julia sees Thomas and thinks he's there from the school board. She's married an hour later.

USA Today Best Selling Author Callie Hutton – A Chance To Love Again: Widow Rachel Stevens is very happy with her job as a cook for the Lazy Sunset ranch where she is raising her son. However, the new foreman, Rusty McIntyre, is turning her life upside down. She could overlook how her son has begun to idolize Rusty, but she’s having a heck of a time ignoring the flutters in her stomach every time the man smiles at her.

But Rusty has problems of his own. His previously unknown fourteen year old daughter has just arrived to live with him. Used to always being on his own, now he has a young boy following him around imitating his every move, and a surly young lady glaring at him. Throw into the mix the tug he feels toward the ranch cook—who wants no part of him—and life is no longer as easy as it once was.

Best Selling Author Caroline Clemmons – Save Your Heart For Me: After fleeing an abusive husband six years ago, Beth Jeffers wants nothing more than to protect her son Davey and to help her mother operate a Texas Hill Country boarding house. The strong women in her family have had no luck with men, and she has no intention of letting any man influence her son. Not even handsome lawman Matt Petrov, no matter how much her lonely heart urges otherwise.

Federal Marshall Matt Petrov, also known as Lone Wolf Peters, fell in love with Beth the first time he saw her. Then she was another man’s wife, so he kept his longing a secret. But he’s saved his love for her for six horrific years. Now, the lovely widow and he have crossed paths again. This time, he intends to risk all for a chance at happiness. First he must rescue his distant kinsman from an assassin’s clutches and protect Beth’s son Davey from the villain. Mystery, kidnapping, and twists await Matt and Beth. But will Matt’s secrets shatter the love he and Beth share? 
Best Selling Author Sylvia McDaniel – Desperate: After the death of their father, the McKenzie sisters, Meg, Annabelle and Ruby try the normal ways for women to earn a living in a small western town. When they fail, the McKenzie sisters decide to take up their father’s profession, bounty hunting. They quickly learn they can use their feminine wiles and their Baby Dragoons to earn their way in the old west. They’re tough and resilient, badass women in this historical western novella. Kick off the adventure with the first installment of the new series, Lipstick and Lead with Desperate.

Best Selling Author Merry Farmer – The Indomitable Eve: The one thing Eve deLaurent has wished for in the two years since her sister, Amelia, was whisked away to America was to be a family again. But the tragedy that befell her once Amelia was gone has left her wounded, body and soul. Now, reunited with her sister, all Eve wants to do is run. Amelia’s new, happy life is a betrayal deeper than Eve can stand. She would leave and never look back, were it not for Mark Andrews.

As Cold Springs’s reverend, Mark is used to people confiding their darkest sins and looking to him for help. So when he sees the pain behind Eve’s mask of confidence, all he wants to do is help her. But Eve awakens a desire in him that reminds him that even a man of God is still a man. They seem to be everything the other wants and needs, but can the people of Cold Springs accept an actress in their pastor’s arms? Can they be together if bitter family betrayals keep Eve and Amelia at each other’s throats?
You’re only as strong as the loves that hold you together ...

Bonus Stories
Plus bonus stories from Caroline Clemmons and Merry Farmer

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