Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: Baring It All by Megan Frampton (Short Story)

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This is a short story that continues Megan Frampton's novel, What Not to Bare and features Charlotte's brother, Christian who is engaged to be married to their childhood friend, Violet. Violet believes that Christian only proposed out of a sense of obligation to their families and she's despairing that she's about to shackle herself to a man who doesn't desire her.

When Christian is in a bind regarding ladies underwear, Violet sees an opportunity to help -- and, maybe discover the degree of Christian's interest in her.

I really wished I had read this immediately after I finished What Not to Bare -- I think I would've loved to have extended the pleasure of reading Frampton. But reading this separately is a pleasure in itself. It's short, but it's clear that Frampton knows what her goal is in telling Christian and Violet's story. The single effect that the author (and Violet) are aiming for is to see Christian uncoil.

"An impasse is only an impasse when both parties will not move from their respective positions," she said. Her mouth widened into a knowing smile. "I plan on making you move, Christian."
- Chapter 3

It's interesting to note that, while it is Violet who is undressing, it is Christian's soul that is being laid bare.

"Tell me about yourself," he said in a low voice. He couldn't resist -- his fingers lingered on her skin just above the first button of her gown. Soft, as he'd expected. He felt her tremble as he slid his finger to undo the button.

"What do you want to know?" Odd that he hadn't noticed how soft and low her voice was. Or maybe it was the situation that was changing it; after all, the last time they'd spoken, he'd proposed, and she said yes. Not much conversation after that.
- Chapter 3

Baring it All is short, yes, but it's also sweet and sexy. It's always fun to read about that moment of realisation when long-time friends discover the love they've felt for each all that while.

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