Sunday, May 18, 2014

Free and Discounted Historical Romance Novels on Amazon

Hi, Fellow Readers! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

For this edition of book bargains, it's a group of firsts (in a series) and lasts plus a book bundle for a very low price. Enjoy~

I love Sabrina Darby. This is a short story, and it's free. ^_^

Book 1 in Brant's Roxton Family Saga.

Book 1 of London's The Haberdashers series. (Three ladies with an unusual set of skills. ^_^)

Book 1 in Anders's Archangels series.

Book 1 in Locke's The Naughty Girls series. (Love this book. Love this series. Love this author. ^_^)

Book 1 in Holt's Reluctant Brides series.

The long-awaited final book in Galen's Misadventures in Matrimony series. ^_^

Happy Reading, all!


  1. Thank you for sharing this Tin! :)

  2. Hi, Camille! I hope you've found your next read on this list! ^_^

    Have a great day!

  3. What good deals, thanks Tin!
    I do read anything by Shana Galen, she's one good writer.
    A couple of these authors are new to me, so I'll be checking them out very soon.
    I haven't read Cheryl Holt in a while, need to download her too.
    Have a nice day Tin! :-)

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