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Throwback Thursday: Historical Romance Edition #26

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Happy Thursday, everyone! And welcome to a new feature on Buried Under Romance and Love Saves the World.

What is Throwback Thursday?
Traditionally, Throwback Thursday celebrates nostalgia, asking participants to post a personal photo or an image from their past -- usually from 5 to 10 years ago. There are a lot of book blogs that also do a book-related Throwback Thursday.

The Historical Romance Edition:
Since Mary of Buried Under Romance and I are unapologetic lovers of historical romances, we've decided to focus on our beloved genre.

Here are our rules:
1. It must be posted on a Thursday.
2. It must be a historical romance novel published before October 3, 2008.

Perils of the Heart by Jennifer Ashley, published November 2002


Sent to seduce the captain of the merchantman Aurora, the English governess trembled in her innocence. Her stepbrother’s life -- and the life of the rugged sailor she must tempt -- depended on her success. Evangeline swore to surrender her body, her virtue ... anything Austin Blackwell demanded. But she never expected to relinquish her heart.

On a mission for the American colonies, Austin suspected the timid temptress was a skilled spy ordered to sabotage his plans. She played the part of an untried miss to perfection, her inexperienced fumbling driving him wild with desire. But after sampling her sweetness, after one harrowing night fraught with passion and peril, the commander vowed to navigate any course to discover the truth. For his soul mutinied at the prospect of sailing into the future without the courageous lady by his side.

Perils of the Heart is Jennifer Ashley's debut novel. She's an interesting author, who is writing both historical romance and paranormal/urban fantasy romances. Jennifer Ashley is on my reading radar and I plan to read her MacKenzie Family/Highland Pleasures series this summer.

To find out more about Jennifer Ashley and her books, click below:

Head over to Mary @ Buried Under Romance and Ki Pha of Doing Some Reading for their picks for Throwback Thursday.^_^

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  1. I'm not sure if I've read Jennifer Ashley before. LOL. But this looks like a fun read. I'd like to find out more about how the heroine will go about doing her 'mission' and how the hero will fare against such tactics. Thanks for sharing Tin! :)

    Camille @ Girl meets Books

  2. Jennifer!!! I love her Highland series though I've only got The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie. And I heard her Para romance is getting praises!! ~Feral Heat most definitely.

  3. I have had Ashley's books on my TBR list for forever! I'm going to have to see which of her books my library has to borrow :)
    Here's my Throwback Thursday Post
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  4. This sounds really good! I have a few of her books but I've yet to read them. I'll definitely have to add this to my TBR list :)

  5. I love Jennifer Ashley's Highland Pleasures series, but I haven't read this one. It sounds very interesting with the American colonist hero and the nautical. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi, Camille!

    Ashley's been on my radar for a while now -- I was a bit intimidated because she already has 6 books out in the series and I wasn't sure if I would have the time to play catch-up -- but the reviews for the series has been solid, so I'll be giving her a try this summer. ^_^

    Hi, Kimberley and Cerian! I only just got book 1 this week via Kobo. Can't wait to get into it. ^_^

    Hi, Ki! How was that book? I'm starting from book 1 because I wasn't sure how well they read as stand-alines.

    Hi, Jennifer! This was her debut! Which of her Highland Pleasures series is your favourite? ^_^



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