Sunday, February 9, 2014

Free and discounted historical romance novels: February 9

It's February and romance is in the air!

Here are some great deals that I've found:

First, Mills & Boon is offering a one-time treat for Valentine's via Kobo -- get a free book from this list with code CUPID2014.

And, here are some great buys from Amazon:

Lisa Bingham is another author who is bringing her paperback releases to digital format. Silken Dreams was originally published in 1991!

* * *

I'm a big fan of Vane's The Devil DeVere series and it's the first time she has offered this book for free.

* * *

I've read The Runaway Countess and The Rogue Returns (review coming this week!), and both books are very good. This is the e-novella that bridges the two books.

* * *

I've read and enjoyed Reconstructing Jackson by Holly Bush. Her stories are very linear but I love Bush's voice and sensibility and I always walk away satisfied after reading her.

* * *

I think this is a pretty good deal for a LoveSwept book. Read my review of Loving the Earl here.

* * *

Another great deal from LoveSwept. I have a copy of this book and plan to read it soon!

* * *

This is book 1 of Sandy Raven's The Caversham Chronicles series.



  1. Sadly, that link comes up blank for a list of the books :(

  2. Hi, Dee! Odd, I checked now and the list is there:



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