Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy 2 to Me! ^_^

Today, Love Saves the World turns 2.

I know blog anniversaries are usually celebrated in grander style, but I'm a small blog and this one tiny party seems appropriate. (That, and I didn't have the time to plan something bigger other than this post.) ^_^

Last year, I talked about why I blog and the reasons still hold true. It's been an amazing year of reading historical romances and I have discovered wonderful, wonderful new authors to follow.

1. Jennifer McQuiston
2. Christine Merrill
3. Kaki Warner
4. Jillian Stone
5. Shana Galen
6. Susanna Fraser
7. Nina Rowan
8. Maire Claremont
... and many others

The two big leaps I took this year was to open a Twitter account (@LoveSaves_Tin) and a Goodreads account. I am enjoying Twitter and I understand why it is such a popular social media outlet. (I joined Twitter parties hosted by and had a LOT of fun then.)

I don't think I've maximized Goodreads' services yet and I'm still learning my way through it -- but the one amazing thing that I got out of Goodreads is meeting fellow reviewer and historical romance lover, Mary C. -- and I discovered the "compare books" feature on Goodreads and discovered that she and I have 84% books in common. I have to say, reading is more fun when you have someone to compare notes with and bounce ideas off of. ^_^

As I move towards my third year of blogging, I've set the following goals for myself:
- Connect with fellow readers/bloggers
- Connect with authors
- Read and review more (I don't think I'll hit my 150 target for this year -- I've only read 84 with only 5 months left -- but, there's always next year. ^_^)

I would like to say thank you to the readers who have dropped by my blog. Thank you for supporting me through Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin.

Thank you to everyone who participates in my giveaways.

Thank you to the authors who have stumbled upon my blog and have shared my reviews with their readers.

Thank you to the blog tour operators who have given me the opportunity to help promote authors and their books.

Thank you to the various publishing houses for trusting me with your ARCs.

Thank you to the blogging community as a whole, who continue to amaze me with their dedication and passion.


  1. Congratulations on your second anniversary, Tin! I’m following you on Twitter and Goodreads. I love your blog and “haunt” it every day. You feature some of the best authors and I love the reviews. I am also a reviewer on bookworm2bookworm. Books are my passion and I enjoy connecting with you every day.

    All the best!

  2. Congratulations on turning two, Tin! That's a wonderful accomplishment, and it's really great to hear that you've met some terrific authors and fellow readers along the way. Wishing you many more years! :)

  3. Hi, Connie and Melissa!

    Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing this celebration with me. ^_^

    Connie, I'll drop by bookworm2bookworm and find your reviews. I actually follow that blog. ^_^

    Melissa, happy 2 to your blog as well! Here's to many more years of reading romances! ^_^



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