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Blog Tour: Gambling on Love by Nancy Fraser and Patti Shenberger (Interview + Giveaway)

Welcome to Nancy Fraser and Patti Shenberger! These lovely ladies are currently on tour for their book, Gambling on Love.

For this tour, Nancy and Patti are offering a unique experience: they will be offering one lucky winner the chance to name the hotel which will be featured in the series and have their name used as a character in the second novel!


For this stop, I was lucky enough to ask Nancy and Patti some questions. Here's the full Q&A:

LStW: Gambling on Love is set in post-Civil War Mississippi -- what attracted you to this setting and time period?
Patti: I’ve always loved anything to do with the water and boats, so it was a natural progression into writing a book with a riverboat and a hunky gambler.

Nancy: I love almost any North American historical setting but was especially drawn to the idea of a family who could overcome the ravages of war to rebuild their lives and prosper. While the McCade family itself wasn’t as damaged by the war in general, they are very honorable people who want to help right all the wrongs done during this time.

LStW: You previously wrote about Matthew McCade in McCade's Miracle and now you're writing about Jake. Can you tell us a little bit more about the McCades?
The McCade story was never meant to be a multiple book series. The first book started as an idea Patti was pitching at a conference a number of years ago. She asked Nancy to listen to her pitch and the rest is history ... so to speak!

Once we began tossing thoughts out, a good idea is bound to strike. And, when you flesh out that idea with colorful supporting characters, they literally beg for their own book. We’re quite proud of the series motto: Stories of love, trust, honor and redemption all forged by the strength of one remarkable family. As we progress through the series it is our intention of having all of our characters live up to this motto. In Gambling On Love, the family matriarch verbally reviews the family tree. We will be using this history as a guideline for the eight-book (or more) series as we move along. Having received our rights back on McCade’s Miracle this year, we hope to make it a part of the Legacy series, bringing it in near the end as a prequel to the other books and as a lead-in to Elizabeth’s heart-warming story.

LStW: Patti and Nancy, both of you have written books solo and this is your second collaboration. What's the greatest benefit/challenge of writing a book together?
Patti: One of the great things about working with another author is the wealth of shared information. One may have an idea, but two can take it farther than one person alone ever could. And of course, there’s always the ‘we agree to disagree’ theory as well (G). Being 1400 miles apart gives us plenty of room to work so we aren’t encroaching on each other’s space too.

Nancy: As Patti said, the shared information. There’s also the fact the while our writing styles are as different as night and day, we both seem to have developed an ability to spot what the other is doing wrong. And, despite the 1400 mile space, I can still mentally duct-tape Patti’s hands to her chair when she’s trying to edit one of my steamy love scenes. As far as challenge ... my worst nightmare is that I wake up one morning and there’s no such thing as e-mail and the internet! Sometimes, it gets frustrating when no matter how many times we go over something, one of us will still find something to “fix” and so the back and forth begins again.

LStW: What are you reading now?
Patti: I actually just started reading The Story of Lady Astor by Adrian Fort. For whatever reason when I’m writing fiction, I tend to read nonfiction. It’s a wonderful distraction and I’ve read a ton of great books.

Nancy: I’ve actually begun reading short contemporaries from my fellow Entangled authors. While writing, I don’t have enough time to immerse myself in a long book and I can’t read historical if I’m writing it because I find myself critiquing rather than reading. However, I’m thoroughly enjoying the short reads and actually considering it research of the particular “line” in case I want to take a stab at it myself.

LStW: Any future projects that you would like to share with our readers?
Patti: Yes definitely. We will be continuing the McCade Legacy series with a second book, The Lawman’s Agreement (working title) out in the late fall of this year. A third book, The Barrister’s Temptation (working title) will be out in the Spring of 2014. And hopefully 5 more books after that as long as the readers keep reading us.

For me personally, I have two books coming out this fall. The first is The Mammoth Book on ER Romance, from Mammoth Books and then The Doctor’s Holiday Bonus from Soul Mates Publishing.

Nancy: Ditto what Patti said about the McCade Legacy. As well as those contracted books, both Patti and I are working on two more proposals for books four and five.

Personally, I’m not straying too far from the historical fold. I have two more novellas coming out this year as part of my Vintage Historical, Golden Decade of Rock and Roll series from The Wild Rose Press. “April Love” – 1958’s book comes out in the late summer and that’s followed by “Dream Lover” from 1959.

What I love most about the series is the musical references (all titles are based on #1 singles) and do my best to stay absolutely true to the year in which the story is set.

Thank you!

* * *

Thank you, Nancy and Patti! Love the series motto and looking forward to the rest of the series!

* * *

About the book:

Book Description:
Felicity Beaumont is a rich man's willful daughter with a heart of gold who wants more than anything to free her father's illegally indentured workers.

When she devises a plan to move them north with the help of Jake McCade, owner of the gambling boat known as the River Maiden, she finds she's run afoul of not only her father but of the man she's duped into helping her.

As her plan begins to unravel, she and Jake are forced into a marriage for the sake of propriety and soon discover the most important thing to them both is the life they're now building together.

Book Information:
Title: Gambling on Love
Author: Nancy Fraser & Patti Shenberger
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 190 pages
Release Date: May 20 2013
Imprint: Scandalous

Buy Links:
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About the Authors:

Nancy Fraser

Nancy Fraser has been writing since she was a child, most often on walls and with crayons or (heaven forbid) permanent marker. Since first becoming published in 1996, Nancy has received numerous five star reviews for her futuristic, time travel romance.

She's also published in short contemporary, historical romance and vintage historical romances set during the Golden Decade of Rock & Roll (1955-1964). When not writing fiction, Nancy likes to spend time with her grandchildren and is excitedly awaiting a new addition to her grand-family in July, 2013.

Author Website:

Patti Shenberger:

Patti Shenberger has been writing since she could put pen to paper. An active member of the Romance Writers of America, along with her local chapter, the Greater Detroit RWA, she currently serves as the Chapter President and the Booksellers Best Award contest chair.

Patti lives in Michigan with her husband of over thirty years. She's a mom to a grown daughter and son, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and her first grandchild is due in August. Rounding out the family are two fur babies, a cat and dog.

When not writing, Patti can be found reading, traveling with her husband, or spending time with friends.

Author Website:

* * *

As part of a tour-wide giveaway the authors are offering one lucky winner the chance to not only name the hotel which will appear in the second McCade Legacy novel, but will also have their name used as a character in the book as well!

Enter through the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!

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  2. This looks so great! Thanks for sharing with us! I adore that cover as well.
    Did the author have any say on the design of the book cover? Also, who in the author's life encouraged them to sit down and write their first book?
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  3. GAMBLING ON LOVE does look fabulous. A most informative Q&A thank you.

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