Sunday, May 26, 2013

Book Bargains! (plus a video from Amanda Scott)

First off, a really great offer: Beverley Kendall is offering her latest New Adult book, Those Nights in Montreal for FREE on Smashwords (with code: CU52W) and on US iTunes.

Read my review of it here (Really enjoyed it. ^_^).

Then, here's a video of Amanda Scott, known for writing historical romances set in the Highlands. In the video, she "describes the important role of history in her work. Aspiring to write the kind of "painless history" that effortlessly transports readers back in time, Scott explains how research and a voracious desire for the details helps her construct vivid stories."* Her backlist is currently being republished in digital form by Open Road Media.

Now, here are this week's Kindle finds:

Secrets of a Proper Countess by Lecia Cornwall

I'm a big fan of Lecia Cornwall and I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel.

All three of her published books are currently on sale at $0.99 -- her latest book, The Secret Life of Lady Julia will be released on May 28.

Twice a Rake by Catherine Gayle
FREE on Amazon

This is book 1 of Catherine Gayle's series, Lord Rotheby's Influence.

Once Upon a Ballroom: An Anthology of Short Stories by Maya Rodale, Katharine Ashe, Caroline Linden and Miranda Neville
FREE on Amazon

Four big names in the historical romance world. Four short stories with excerpts of their other works. Free. Enjoy! ^_^

Love's Promise by Cheryl Holt
$0.99 on Amazon

This is a new book from Cheryl Holt. It's a full-length novel and is the first book in her new series, the Lord Trent Trilogy.

The Devil's Envoy by Jasmine Cresswell
$0.99 on Amazon

The premise is curious: a stranger washes up along the shore near the heroine's village and he pretends (?) not to speak English. Then something happens and the heroine gets captured and it's the hero who saves her.

Lady Sarah's Redemption by Beverley Eikli
$2.99 on Amazon

A spoiled heiress from India pretending to be a governess, a rebellious sixteen-year-old charge, a revenge plot = very interesting. At $2.99, a great price, IMHO, considering the cost of the paperback.

As always, a Caveat: Always check the prices before clicking on the "Buy" button. All these prices are accurate as of the time of posting.^_^

*from the press release from Open Road Media


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