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Review: Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight by Grace Burrowes

After several unsuccessful forays into the marriage mart (six), Louisa is ready to retire from it and she's steeling herself to inform Their Graces of her decision -- but first, she has to participate in the annual hunting party -- and she's keen to save a particular body from the marriage-minded ladies who are hunting for more than just foxes.

Sir Joseph Carrington knows he needs a wife to help him with his two daughters -- but, while the body is willing, the mind (and heart) aren't quite all that ready yet. As single ladies and their mamas close in on him during the hunting party, he's grateful to be "rescued" by Louisa and even more grateful for the chance to observe her more closely and leisurely -- and so is she!

Louisa has known Joseph through her brothers, Devlin and Bart (who served with him during the war) -- but it's only now that she's realized how wonderful she feels when she's around him. She's usually awkward in other people's company and he's an army man who's more comfortable conversing with Lady Opie (his pig) than being in polite society -- but Louisa and Joseph are perfect together.

I've read and enjoyed all of Grace Burrowes' books -- in Louisa's family, she's the sibling who doesn't really stand out much. Very little seems to distinguish her (and her story) from the rest of her siblings.

That seems to be part of my problem with this book -- the heroine doesn't really strike me as someone interesting. I did like how intelligent she was (but this wasn't really explored much) and how she wasn't afraid or hesitant to say what she meant to say. And Louisa is a curious mix: she's definitely not a wallflower (she loves to dance) but she's not that eager to participate in society "games" either --

Sir Joseph has more depth, I think. I enjoyed glimpses of his poetic soul (and how he imagines talking to Louisa in a more "courtly" manner -- but the actual words that come out are more practical and more simple.)

If he'd been any other man, he would have made some flattering reply: Your company is treat enough, Lady Louisa. What could be sweeter than the countenance I behold at this moment?


"I am very fond of sweets. Are you enjoying the recent weather, my lady? I haven't seen you in the park, and yet the past mornings have been mild. ..."
- p. 87

I did love how Louisa and Joseph compliment each other. Burrowes is very, very good at writing couples. ^_^

"I am marrying a radical and a blasphemer." Joseph tossed pillows down from the sofa and stretched out beside her. "We'll have very lively discussions."


"I like that you aren't put off easily, Joseph. We will have some lively discussions."

"We might even argue, Louisa." He smiled, then leaned down over her breastbone and inhaled through his nose. "I intend to be married to you for quite some time and have not such a store of gentlemanly manners as most of the fellows you socialize with."

"Will we raise our voices to each other?"

He drew a finger slowly over the swell of Louisa's breasts. "I will never raise my voice to you in anger, Louisa Windham, soon to be Louisa Carrington."
- pp. 172-173

My one other problem with this story is the conflict -- there's a blackmailer who is sending notes separately to Louisa and Joseph, threatening to expose their deep, dark secrets -- but the blackmail didn't really seem to affect/torment Louisa or Joseph. I did love the "The Gift of the Magi"-esque twist where Louisa and Joseph separately solve/discover each other's problem.

My favorite part has to be Percy Windham -- he is such a wonderful father to his children -- and he's so witty! (See pp 179-185 when he and the Duke of Wellington have "fun" at Grattingly's expense. ^_^)

On the whole, this is another Grace Burrowes book that does not disappoint (my favorite remains The Virtuoso). Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight is a warm, light and happy book -- a perfect read for the Christmas season.

Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight is the second book in Grace Burrowes' The Duke's Daughters series (connected to her The Duke's Obsession Trilogy). Lady Eve's Indiscretion is the next book and will be released in February 2013.

Grace Burrowes recently released The Courtship, an e-novella about Their Graces, the Duke and Duchess of Moreland.

To find out more about Grace Burrowes and her books, visit her website. She's also on Facebook.



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