Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Reading Challenge!

The BLI Holiday Reading Challenge

This Reading Challenge is hosted by Book Lovers, Inc and I'm really excited to participate!

For this challenge, I think I'll be on this level:
Santa’s Helper: read 1-3 holiday themed books

And here are the 3 books I am planning to read:


1. Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight by Grace Burrowes
2. His Mistress by Christmas by Victoria Alexander
3. Season for Surrender by Theresa Romain

... if I have enough time, I'll try to squeeze in a novella or two. Can anyone recommend a good Christmas/Holiday-themed novella?

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  1. christmas in dogtown b Suzanne Johnson if you want a bit of paranormal/urbanfantasy romance mixed with christmas

    i'm glad you participate in this challenge too^^

  2. Hi, Miki!

    It's a really fun challenge and I'm glad I found it. ^_^

    Thanks for the recommendation. Will take a look at Suzanne Johnson's work -- not so familiar with her and her works. ^_^

  3. i love her writing style!
    Suzanne Johnson has a urban fantasy ( light romance) series the Sentinels of New orleans, believe me the second book is FANTASTIC ( you have a review of book 1 royal street and 2 river road on my blog if you need)

    Christmas in Dogtown is in the same universe ( new orleans post hurricane) but not related to the series and it's a romance

    she is also writing a paranormal romance The penton legacy series under the name of Susannah Sandlin ( book 1 Redemption and 2 Absolution ( i also reviewed them)

    she is a very kind author and there is a blog tour during a month for the release of River Road so you could be lucky^^

  4. Hey Tin, I'm happy to see you join the fun! Good luck with the Challenge and enjoy your holiday reading, you have some great picks (I'm also planning on reading Grace Burrowes' book)! :-)

  5. Hi, Stella!

    Thank you for dropping by! I'm really excited to read Grace Burrowes' book. ^_^



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