Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Seduce an Angel by Kate Moore

This is the last book ins Kate Moore's Sons of Sin trilogy. Kit Jones lives a suffocated life -- after being kidnapped and held captive for almost 3 years, his family is very protective.

Now Kit is home and this is his story. It's been 5 years since his return, and he has inherited his father's title and estate -- but he still doesn't feel free.

Kit is the fire that has driven his brothers' lives -- when he was kidnapped, Xander lit up the streets of London so that Kit might find the light and his way home. Will served as Bow Street Runner and works towards making a police force so that London would be safe for boys like Kit.

Kit understands his family's protectiveness -- but he is no longer the boy they once knew. And, yet, he doesn't see himself as the man he needs to be, the Marquess of Daventry. He lives in a limbo not of his own making -- and the only feeling of freedom he gets is when he is on the rooftop of Daventry House.

Emma has only known life in a prison -- and this time is no different. In order to gain her freedom, she must pretend to be somebody she is not and spy on Kit and his group of boys.

Hiring Emma is the first impulsive and personal decision Kit has ever made -- and he loves the feeling of responsibility that comes with it. He knows Emma isn't who she claims she is and he wants to discover her secrets.

From the first moment Emma steps into Daventry House, she is already planning her escape. Her first impression of Kit is that of an angel -- and she longs for salvation. This is a no-win situation for Emma: if she accepts Kit's protection, she will lose her freedom and her life. And she will put the lives of her nephew and cousin in peril. But, if she betrays Kit to his vengeful grandfather, she will lose the one true thing in her life.

Emma does what she must and tries to survive the consequences of her actions.

I loved this story. I loved Kit and Emma. They are young people whose lives and choices are taken away from them -- but they have survived and have retained a purity and innocence in their souls. Both are world-weary and have not been given a reason to trust the world but life has not defeated Kit and Emma and they have risen above the challenges laid out before them.

Love is a new thing for both of them -- it is novel and frightening -- but they both discover that their love is the one genuine and honest thing they possess and give to each other.

Kate Moore has woven an entrancing and spellbinding story about love's redemptive power. She plays with celestial images and contrasts them with the earthbound lives of Kit and Emma. Moore's description of Kit as a fallen angel just shows how terribly far Kit (and Emma) are from perfection. It was refreshing to read about "ordinary" characters like Kit and Emma.

I finished this book in a night (I didn't sleep!) and I am awe of Moore's skill and vision. Her next book, Blackstone's Bride is due out in August 2012.



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