Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finished Reading: The Wedding Affair by Leigh Michaels

I felt this was better-written than Just One Season in London --

The biggest challenge of writing a multiple perspective book that is only 300+ pages long is to make sure that the readers know whose perspective it is at any one time --

This book had no problems with that -- however, because 3 stories are being told at the same time, some parts of each story are necessarily left out because of page constraints.

I hope Leigh Michaels tries her hand at writing a story exclusively about 1 couple only. I'm curious about how deeply she can develop their characters and their stories.


  1. It's great to hear that you enjoyed reading "The Wedding Affair" by Leigh Michaels and found it to be better written than her previous work, just like i always enjoy to read the care certificate workbook answers. It's also impressive that the author managed to effectively juggle multiple perspectives in a short book without confusing the reader. It's understandable that some aspects of each story had to be left out due to page constraints, but it's always exciting to see an author explore a single couple's story in more depth. Perhaps Leigh Michaels will take on this challenge in the future!

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