Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blog Tour: A Little Thing Called Love by Cathy Maxwell (Review + Giveaway)

Love Saves the World welcomes Cathy Maxwell and her latest work, A Little Thing Called Love, a Prequel Novella to the Marrying the Duke Historical Romance Series.

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A Little Thing Called Love
Marrying the Duke Series #0.5

By: Cathy Maxwell
Releasing September 22, 2015
Avon Impulse


Grandmother, grandmother, who shall it be
Who shall it be who will marry me?
Duke, Earl, a powerful marquess?
When my heart is given to Fyclan Morris ...

In New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell’s new novella, beautiful Jennifer Tarleton has no lack of noble suitors, but the only man who captures her attention is the one her father will never let her marry: Fyclan Morris. He’s a brash adventurer, witty, courageous ... and Irish! Even worse, her father blames her for their reversal of fortune ...

And it’s a fortune -- or rather his grandmother the fortune teller -- who foretold that Fyclan would meet “the one”, a love prophesied in the stars. He vows nothing will stand in the way of making Jennifer his bride, but is the price too high? Or is a thing called love worth every challenge?


From almost the day he of his birth, his Gran had cooed in his ear that he was destined for great things, something she’d never said to his brother -- and her words had proven true. How else could a poor lad from County Cork find himself on the brink of being named a director to the powerful East India Company?

But it wasn’t just money his Gran had offered. “When you meet this woman, hold on to her,” she’d said. “Your children’s children will be dukes and princes. They will stride the world. But first, you must meet the woman.”

“Why will I need her?” he’d asked. “Mr. Fralin says I’m the smartest pupil he’s ever taught. I don’t need a lass to help me be important.”

His Gran had cupped his chin with her cold, frail hand. “You are right, my chava, but she will not be just any woman. She will be your destiny. Your purpose.”

To a boy, such talk was gibberish. Like every other Irish lad his age, Fyclan was mad for horses and adventure. This talk of “purpose” had been beyond his understanding -- especially when it involved lasses. He was going to be a military man. He would win honor and glory and own a stable of a fifty horses, and he wasn’t going to share one of them with a lass.

However now, he was a man, and wiser to the ways of the world. He’d proven he understood money. He’d made fortunes for his superiors as well as his own. There was no telling how far he could climb, especially since many whispered Fyclan’s smart leadership had saved the Company from another bankruptcy. It was commonly allowed that if he kept his current path, he would someday be knighted.

And certainly, many of the current directors had their eye on him as a husband for their daughters, but Fyclan had not been tempted. No, he’d been waiting for her, the one his Gran had promised -- the lady in blue with golden hair and creamy skin whose path had just crossed his.

For more information about the novella, visit Goodreads.

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My Review:

Fyclan Morris grew up believing in his grandmother's prophesied promise, and he had already seen half of it fulfilled. Fyclan, am Irishman, has defied convention (and discrimination) to rise up the ranks of the East India Company. He now has wealth, some power and a bit of influence -- and all that Fyclan is waiting for is The One his grandmother promised him.

When he sees Jennifer Tarleton, Fyclan knew, without a doubt, that she was the one he had been waiting for.

I have to admit that there is something alluring to the idea of predestination -- that everything is already written, and all we need to do is turn the page. It seems so easy, and so tempting to just rest and be assured that all will happen when it happens. It seems that Fyclan's path has been paved smooth for him -- but that would be unfair for Fyclan, who had worked hard to get to where he was now.

The obvious obstacle is Fyclan's nationality and background. Then there's the added complication that Jennifer's father loathes Fyclan, and resents him for his removal from the East India company, but it's the revelation about Jennifer that pushed this from a conventional story, to an outstanding one.

The stars incline, but do not compel. The ideal would be that they would fall in love at first sight, and live happily ever after. But life isn't a fairy tale, and Cathy Maxwell does a good job of reminding us that, despite destiny, despite the stars, and the cosmos -- there is human will, and, in Jennifer's case, human frailty that we need to consider.

Jennifer could have easily refused Fyclan, and Fyclan could have given up after discovering who Jennifer's father is. In the end, it isn't that their meeting and falling in love had been pre-ordained, it's that they chose to love.

At the end of the novella, I am amazed by how much story Cathy Maxwell was able to include -- and I am excited by the promise of seeing where Fyclan's grandmother's prophecy will take him, and Jennifer in the future.

Disclosure: I received this ARC through Edelweiss. Thank you to Cathy Maxwell and Avon Impulse for the opportunity. Yes, this is an honest review.

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New York Times Bestselling Author, Cathy Maxwell, spends hours in front of her computer pondering the question, “Why do people fall in love?” It remains for her the great mystery of life and the secret to happiness. She lives in beautiful Virginia with children, horses, dogs, and cats.

Connect with Cathy at:

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Avon Impulse is hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway for Three (3) Digital Download Copies of A LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE. Enter via Rafflecopter below. To follow the rest of the tour, click here.

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